When you are at work, there are so many times that you would like to say what you think in order to interact with co-workers. In a professional setting, there are guidelines that one must follow in order to navigate the corporate world successfully. It is important to understand that you have to be strategic about what you say and how you behave.

These are the 10 things that should not be said to a co-worker:

1. “That co-worker is incompetent”. Those words should not come out of your mouth. How you feel about a co-worker’s job performance is not your call. This is especially true, if you are not in a managerial or supervisory position. If there is some concern, this should be immediately addressed to your superior. Management is there to handle questions regarding job performance.

2. “I just saw her salary, why does she make more”? How much people make is between them and the Human resource department. There is an obvious reason as to why they are being paid a certain salary.

3. “I think Joe maybe a racist”. Making factious statements is not only wrong, its slander. It is not up to the co-workers to make a personal judgment and bestow on to others. If another co-workers view does not offend you directly, then it is none of your concern. People have the right to believe what they want. It would be professional to keep personal opinions, assumptions and stereotyping to yourself.

4. I had more responsibility at my last job”. Complaining is not going to get you nowhere. It gives off an impression that there is an issue with confidence. There should be an open dialog between a co-worker and their boss. Constant complaining will eventually get around the office as gossip.

5. “I heard that they are seeing each other”. Personal relationships should remain private. If there is speculation about a potential office romance, disregard it. There is no direct correlation to you job and their social life. If someone tells you about gossip, do not spread.

6. “Dave came to work hung over, again”. Do not reveal the private lives to other co-workers. If there is something that is conflicting with their job performance, handle this situation with care. If there is a noticeable issue, address it with the human resource department. Most companies offer referrals to resources that can assist you such as counseling or drug treatment.

7. “This job is boring”. Expressing dismay about your job can easily spread through the office. If there is an issue with the amount and quality of work received, tell the boss. Express to your boss that you want additional work or more challenging task.

8. “No Problem”. Assuring that something will be done, when you know that is not the case is professional. It would be better to express that there might be a delay. You would appear to be more truthful, rather than to lie to make management happy.

9. “I’m busy, come back later”. Although you may actually be busy, the tone is unwanted. Each co-worker time is just as valuable as the next therefore, treat others with respect.

10. “I think”. As a part of a team, you want to appear confident and assertive. What you project is how you will be perceived by other co-workers.

Navigating the workplace can be challenging, however, it is important to remain professional. What you do or say is a reflection on you. For optimum success, it is important to be portrayed in the best way possible. Therefore, think before you speak and behave around other co-workers. Always be respectful to your coworkers and superiors. 


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