The ‘boss’ is an integral part of every person’s working life. If you are lucky to be working for yourself, you are your own boss. If not, you have to usually deal with one.

Just like there are different types of people out there, there are different types of bosses. And how you deal with each type of boss is distinct and unique – a uniform approach will not help.

Knowing how to deal with your boss is important because it has an impact on your career prospects, your chances for growth within the organization, and your overall peace of mind. After all, you spend a large chunk of every day within the office. And if you are not dealing with your boss the right way, things are sure be unpleasant and demotivating.

Different Types of Bosses and How to Deal with Them

1.    The ‘Always Right’ Boss

The ‘Always Right’ boss is convinced that well he is always right. You need tons of tact while dealing with this type of boss, especially if you want to point out that your strategy is better and that you are right. One way to deal with such a boss is to agree with him all the time and to try and convince him that whatever you have come up with is an extension of his own original ideas. Your life will definitely become easier.

2.    The Workaholic Boss

Bad luck if you have a workaholic boss. This type of boss clearly believes that being seen working is more important than the results you produce. And in all fairness, he is there, working late every day, working on weekends, holidays and expecting you to do the same. A smart way to deal with this type of boss is to always ‘look busy’. Get in before he comes in and leave after he does. Appear to be seriously peering into your screen when passes you by, (you can look even more convincing if you actually give the impression you are oblivious to his presence). This should convince your boss that you are indeed a ‘hard worker’ and put you in his good books.

3.    The Magician Boss

Is he the magician because he works miracles? Sadly no. He is the magician because he has mastered the art of disappearing. The magician boss is never there – to guide you or answer your queries. And you are never quite sure where he is or what he does. The best way to deal with this type of boss is make every minute count whenever he is around. Make sure you have all your answers, clarify all your doubts when you have the chance. In a way, working with the magician boss is an advantage because he makes you more organized and often you are forced to take decisions- these factors contribute to your own growth both personally and professionally.

4.    The Innovator

Get ready to become an active participant in the most recent management thoughts. The innovator is constantly in touch with the latest management ideas and can’t wait to try those out with this team. The best way to deal with this type of boss is to wholeheartedly support him. Because he truly cares about work and is looking to improve efficiencies by introducing the latest ideas. And you might learn a thing or two in the process.

5.    The Leader

Every boss is not a leader…and we have just seen 4 types of bosses who are not. But if you have a leader for a boss, count yourself lucky. The leader boss motivates and inspires, focuses on performance, values suggestions and feedback. The leader offers you opportunities to grow because he knows that your growth is linked to that of the organization and his own growth too.

So what kind of boss do you have and how do you deal with him/her?






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