Throughout the world of business an effective management system is terrific, if and only if it is actually implemented systematically. Without a doubt, no manager can or would go around beating their personnel over the head with a rule-book for failing to observe company guidelines or failing to adequately perform their job. What a passionate manager can do however, is take a closer look at their own individual behavior as a member of management and then carry out what it will take to make improvements to their own management competencies. The following encouraging article has been expressly composed for those managers who for regardless of the reasons can’t manage to get it together.

Quite often when personnel continually tend not to adequately perform their job responsibilities, the explanation for this can be traced back to a supervisor who isn’t carrying out their own personal responsibilities appropriately. This in turn influences the over-all company’s operations, not to mention the company’s financial well being. Identifying the type of manager that you have been and making an effort to improve yourself as a business leader will not only cause you to look really good it will certainly make your job and the jobs of your co-workers and employees easier.

Five Examples of Bad Employees

The following are five examples of managers that because of their own actions have a difficult time getting employees to do their jobs properly. These type of managers may also have a hard time gaining the trust and respect of employees due to their own behavior.

Manager Number One: Bossy Boss 

The bossy boss is a manager who insist on having everything done exactly the way that they say with no exceptions. Even if an employee has a better, faster, or easier way. The bossy boss will refuse to listen and may even threaten employees with disciplinary action if they are caught doing things any way other than the bosses.

Manager Number Two: The Cool Boss

Being cool is great for a 17 year old who is going to high school but once a person becomes an adult and is manager who is responsible for a job being done cool doesn’t count. However, there are those managers who put more time into being accepted by their employees than they do ensuring that their employees are doing their jobs.

Manager Number Three: Managers Who Love Drama

One would think that someone who has made it up the ladder to a management position would be more professional than to get caught up in their employees drama. However, there are those who love drama and will often go as far as to start it.

Manager Number Four: The Backseat Manager

This type of manager acts more like an employee than management he or she depends on their employees to do their job while they get paid. Perhaps they even do it unknowingly but what they don’t realize is that they are actually training someone to take over their job.

Manager Number Five: Mean Spirited Managers

There are mean people all over but a mean boss can make their employees lives extremely difficult and stressful. Often they do this by lying to employees, cheating employees out of time and money, and sometimes by verbal abuse.

Are You a Bad Example?

Sometimes the most difficult thing in the world to do is to take a good look at ones self and realize that the person in the mirror isn’t the one the person that they want to be. The good thing about doing this is the fact that people can change and when it is ones lively hood that is at stake change is often the only way to go.

How to Improve Yourself if You Happen to be a Bad Example?

Deciding to make a change is the first step to becoming a good manager. Finding the courage to make that change is the second step and actually doing it is the final step.


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