A sub-par employee will surely ruin your business, regardless of the industry or the size of your company. Poor performance from an employee is inexcusable and counterproductive, but what constitutes a potential pink slip? Let the following six examples of low-quality employees serve as your guideline for hiring and firing staff.

1. The Unmotivated
A lazy employee will surely drag your business down. Laziness stands out to a customer like a sore thumb, and keeping sluggish staff around will definitely reflect in your business’s ratings and profit. Throw this counterproductive attitude out of your office and off of your pay roll.

2. The Absentee
When an employee is “Missing In Action” frequently, you are essentially throwing your money away on services unfulfilled. Absent employees never know what’s happening within the business. Furthermore, they aren’t there to execute the tasks they were hired for. If an employee does not bother to show up, he must not need the job you’ve offered. Dump him out of your office with yesterday’s coffee, and find a worker who is eager to make the effort on a regular basis.

3. Excuses, Excuses
An employee who can come up with an excuse for everything is a dangerous risk to your business. He will never take responsibility for mistakes, and he avoids negative consequences whenever possible. This is an unreliable type of worker who will only waste your time and drain your energy. Fire him on the spot–no excuses!

4. The Snitch
“Snitch” is a term for someone who frequently tells the boss on fellow coworkers. In certain circumstances, reporting on a dangerous activity or something else of that caliber can be helpful to you. However, if your worker reports his coworkers’ every little indiscretion, it’s clear that he is not a team player. He wants to get ahead and hopes to do so at the expense of your other employees. Let him know that if he chooses to report someone else’s activities, he should not bother reporting to work the next day.

5. The Unenthusiastic
You can single out the grumpy employee every time, just by looking at his facial expression. He is the curmudgeon with a permanent frown etched onto his forehead. He complains about everything under the sun: His coworkers, his paycheck, the nature of his job, his family and friends. Bitterness is contagious . It contaminates your work environment, causing an unpleasant atmosphere which often can translate into poor work quality. Convey to your in-house curmudgeon to either cheer up or get out: Your customers will appreciate a smiling staff as much as you will.

6. The Incompetent
Some workers are just not up to par with the rest, no matter how much of a genuine effort they put forth. The credentials may be there in an employee’s resume, but you often wonder how he managed to obtain them. Your business will likely pay a high price for your employee’s incompetence, so do the right thing and send him on his way.

Your employees are the life of your business. Without them, your productivity suffers and customers are hard to come by. Make sure to choose your employees carefully. Recognize red flags as soon as possible by observing your hired workers with precision. Keep this handy guide in mind when in doubt of your employees’ performance: Your business will thank you for it.


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