A quality employee who is loyal is not that common over the past few decades. The common traits of a truly loyal employee really believe in the company they work for and put their best foot forward. Once you learn about the trademarks of a loyal employee you will not want anything else. A loyal employee will show initiative in order to improve the whole company and not just things for themselves. They will bring vibrant to the workplace and make their peers even more efficient. Here are 8 qualities of a truly loyal employee.

1. They Speak Up About Unpopular Issues
There is always something that needs to be discussed in the office that many people do not want to talk about. It may cause them to be uncomfortable but it does need to be talked about in order to be effective. A loyal employee will see this issue and speak up about it during a meeting because they care about the company they work for. This will improve the cohesiveness of the employees and also give the boss insight to the problems that they are facing.

2. They Don’t Always Agree With Every Decision
The great thing about humans is that everyone has their own opinion. Not everyone will agree on a certain way to go about business but not everyone will speak their mind. A loyal employee will think about the company first and argue why they think their way is a better solution for the company. Grand debates are important in any company and there needs to be that one employee that will start them.

3. They Give Credit Where It’s Due
A loyal employee will make sure that their peers are getting the credit they deserve. They will not try to take the credit when it is undeserved. Instead they will make sure everyone knows who is doing a great job when the time is right.

4. They Have Integrity
When they get an order from a boss that goes against their morals they will question it instead of nonsensically doing it. They will talk to the boss and make sure they know what the problem is with the orders that were given. They will not compromise their own ethics in order to get ahead in the company.

5. They Support Decisions That Aren’t Their Own
When the favor rules against them and the company makes a decision that they disagree with, they will still try to make it work. Instead of trying to get the plan to fail secretly so they can say they were right they will support the company in every way possible.

6. They Tell It Like It Is
Instead of tip toeing around certain bad behaviors inside the company a loyal employee will tell the boss what they don’t want to hear. It may be tough to hear about these situations but it is even harder to tell the boss about it. The employee knows that this is the right thing to do and it will make the work place much more efficient in the future.

7. They Actively Try To Get Everyone Involved
A great employee will try to get even the slackers in the office to join in on projects and get work done. With a little support and some good talking they can be as effective as anyone and their coworkers will respect their commands even more than the boss’s in some way.

8. They See You And Treat You Like A Person
A loyal employee will respect the boss but also realize that they have a life outside of the office walls. Their demeanor will tell this and it will make for a comfortable office space. This makes them loyal because they have a true and productive relationship with their superiors that only makes the company run smoother.


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