If you have come so far as to have gotten a first and been asked back for a second interview, be prepared to control the situation and show your future employer what you are made of. Here are a few tips to make you come out on top, every time.

What to Expect
As you prepare for your second interview, there are many things you can do to make sure that you are completely ready. This second round of questions generally go a little more in depth than what you experienced during the first. Make sure that you have a good answer for when the representative asks you why you would like to work for them. Knowing what positive qualities that you possess that make you a prime candidate for the job is another arsenal of answers you should be ready with.

They will likely ask you about experience in the field including what exact duties you held at a company. You salary will be discussed as well. They will likely ask you a question like why are you the best candidate for this position and why should they hire you. A blank stare on your face and an empty answer will almost automatically make you miss your opportunity.

Attitude and Respect
Most hiring parties will find those with outgoing personalities that will stand proud for the work they do. Most positions are not for those that are shy and held back. Make your presence known to the world around you and the hiring party. Ask them how soon you can start your new position. You can also ask about how many hours will be available to you as well. Letting them know that you have a flexible schedule and willing to work extra hours may pay off if the employer is use to workers that do not like to stay over. A confident presence is a huge key to success in the professional world.

Grab Their Attention and Never Let Go
A second interview is your last opportunity to make yourself stand out beyond the crowd of individuals applying for the same job. Make sure that you have an impressive resume that they can look at while you talk as well. Focusing on your skills and what you have done for other companies is the best examples of work experience. Make sure to include any education or degrees you have as well, especially if relevant to the position.

After you have completed your second interview and dazzled the employer as best you could, it can be very professional to write a thank you card to the individuals and deliver it in person or through e-mail. Even asking your interviewer after waiting a week or two about whether the position was filled can show that you are interested in the job and the time you spent with them was valuable. If the person that got hired instead of you ends up not working out for the position, it is often that hiring parties remember how the individual presented themselves outside of the interview that can make the difference.

By knowing the answers to various possible questions before they are asked, presenting your work and education experience concisely and professionally, treating the human resources employees and any other workers with respect and confidence, and finishing off the interview process with a nice follow-up can all help you score your next job. Work on these things before your second interview and dress to impress.


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