It is true that like other so many abilities, the leadership abilities are incorporated in a person by birth. This can be seen from an example of the group without any leader, you will see that one person amongst the members starts giving the directions; he automatically asserts the form of a leader. This shows clearly that mostly leaders own the qualities of the leadership naturally. Although having the leadership genes is necessary to be an effective guide, but a good leader must possess an adaptive nature. He must be courteous and possess a high degree of an excellent character. Following are the important characteristics which should be owned by a leader and he must work in him in order to effectively lead a team.

Ability of Being Followed:

An example of a leader and his group can efficiently be explained by a train. There are many sectors of a train, it has an economy class, business class, and division goes on according to the status of the passengers. Only one engine is used to drag the whole train irrespective of the discrimination amongst the classes. Same is the case with a group, it has many people having different levels of the efficiencies and knowledge, but a leader acts as a train and makes everyone to follow him. So, the unity of a team largely depends upon the qualities of the leader who knows the basic tricks to unite the whole team in the time of crisis.

Being a Role Model:

One of the basic religious principles is to implement on you before preaching the others. This rule can be applied in all the fields of life. A good leader must be a role model for his workers. This can happen only if he practices all the principles of his life on him and then asks others to do so. To be a role model is the first step of having an ability to be followed. A team follows your instruction only if they are worth applicable and it is you who show by your actions how they can be implemented. Teach your own self before guiding the others; it will just leave an impressive effect of you on the workers.

Having a Flexible Nature:

A leader must stand firmly on his principles, but he should not show an extreme level of the rigidity. Circumstances do not remain the same forever and one needs to take the decision suitable to the modern trends. In other words a leader should posses an adaptive nature to bring the necessary changes in the basic principles. Having an adaptive nature not only means to go with the latest demands but it also means listening to the ideas of the group members with the whole heartedly.

It is not important that a leader is always all in one, being a human he has a potential to commit the mistakes. For the instance, he should give importance to the ideas of his team. More than one brain is always better than a single brain. It is in the hands of the leader how beautifully he creates an amalgam of the intellectual ideas by being open to the point of views of others.

A Predictive Nature:

Making the long term decision which is also fruitful is only possible if the leader has a power of foresightedness. Team should be given instructions by keeping in view the long term benefits. Seeing a short term benefit can let a person to fall in the serious problems which are also difficult to handle. A good leader must have a potential to judge the nature of the circumstances, their needs and then he should exhibit a certain level of the courage in order to take the risks if necessary.

Having courage, Intelligence, flexibility, time management, a good discipline and the predictive nature with an undaunted power of decision making comprises of a leader.



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