A leader is best described as the one who has the full knowledge and complete understanding of his duties towards and for his group members. The best leader is the one who can identify and draw the line between people and process management.

This relationship between the best leaders and best performing employees is mutual as both expect excellence from the other. Best described by the words of Bogardus “…interaction between specific traits of one person and other traits of the many, in such a way that the course of action of the many is changed by the one.”
The art of setting this expectation among the employees to drive them to be at their best all time and the expectation to be clearly defined and results derived as expected is the core element of the best leadership traits.

Just the bookish knowledge of leadership alone will not produce a good leader, but the leader stays with the employees and within them showing them the path to achieving the set goals. Over a period of time, such efficient qualities from a leader to constantly drive the employees to achieve their goals makes the leader acceptable.
Transparency, honesty and integrity breeds a very powerful leader, employees would always invest in a good leader as they are assured of themselves that such a leader will never let them down. They always see if you practice what you preach in order to let you lead them into success. Now it is entirely the sole responsibility of the leader to persuade his followers to put their trust in him/her and ensure the best efforts are put into the best interests of the followers. This also encourages the employees to start listening to you; they start paying attention to your words and help in transform the potential into achievement.

Leadership is not everyone’s cup of tea; it may not be learned over a book or through somebody just telling you to become a leader. Many folks would reject or evade the opportunity of becoming a leader as it involves a sense of responsibility and the ownership of bearing the results of others actions, be it success or failure. In addition, few may not want to be in a position to be disciplined and focused for training themselves slowly to become great leaders. Moreover, there are those who simply do not have the will to be ad do what it required to become a great leader.

A right set of leadership skill is very essential for the continuous success of being the most desired and successful leader. A life dedicated in the service of others is a trait of a great leader.

Traits of a great leader:
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Transparency
• Ownership
• Responsibility
• Eagerness
• Enthusiasm to stand for others in the line of service
• Sacrifice
• Command
• Authority

A great leader makes it his/her way of life to lead his team members and achieve the set desired goals. The leader would empower his follower to succeed / achieve almost everything that is desired and aligned towards the final goal. A great leader will never step back and always would be instrumental in molding, re-modeling and structuring his employees to become the achievers themselves. In addition, a great leader will always stay encouraged, focused, and make the crowd do the same to sustain the decorum, unity, and integrity of the entire group.


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