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Identification systems

The use of techniques and procedures are used to control access to people who want to access the system or the user who accessed locally or remotely. Some of the tools for this purpose are: electronic signature, digital certificate and others. When this does not work, all kinds of issues can arise.

Securing Access to the computer system

It is very important to prevent unauthorized access to the computer system as both the premises or place where it is located. Access is a very important part in the safety and for that there are protection systems. It is relevant to keep up with overall replacement and repairing.

All these protective measures were part of active safety, as they are used to prevent access by an unauthorized user could compromise the privacy and integrity of the information contained in the computer system.

Access control systems

Some access control systems include: guards and security cameras that are used to prevent access to the building both outside and inside and control the access to restricted areas. Using keys to enter the building or room where the equipment is and keys to lock the computer itself. Access codes or passwords are also used to enter protected sites or user accounts. Systems to enter passwords on a computer are used for systems passwords are correct and fulfill their function.

Network protection

It can be defined as computer security, protection against all damage suffered or caused by information arising from the voluntary and bad faith of an individual act tools. To protect the computer system must be put brakes against all potential threats. And multiply the number of successive barriers since no protection is foolproof, so at the time in which a user could pass a stranger immediately locked by another serious protection. You also need to protect all means of access of a company is often the company overprotect your internet connection, leaving the other access routes without any protection.

Security level adapted

Indeed, the implementation of security and repairing measures often involves consequences linked to: restrictions for users who must authenticate before accessing some resources.

The financial burden of acquiring protection programs

Working time needed to implement these solutions and greater infrastructure complexity. For this reason a good security policy could be one tailored to your needs, powerful enough to protect you, without paralyzing the company due to restrictions too important solution. We must reach the required level for a financial institution although it is more difficult, a more substantial technical and financial investment and a daily full time job.

The implementation of adequate security measures to protect a normal company represents a considerable work but it poses major problems. It is a mission available for anyone with a good level of computer literacy.

Know potential threats.

Hacking is unauthorized access to a user outside the company. When a hacker gains access, including user level can reach to change or stop some servers that could jeopardize the integrity of the company itself. No type of attacker must obtain the smallest or access to the system because the company would get some strategic damage, such as the mail server or website components.

The same protection should be used with so-called viruses, which reproduce more or less autonomous and represent one of the most frequent threats within the company, because of its variety it is very difficult to intercept and are transmitted primarily through the email or file transfers by internet.11

Types of attackers (viruses)

So-called viruses are autonomous programs that are made ​​to be reproduced and disseminated autonomously and its main features are: the way it plays and infects the computer system and the deadly actions to undertake.

Some subcategories of viruses are called worms (worm in English) is almost identical to the classic single virus that the virus needs to reproduce manual intervention and the worm can reproduce independently without any intervention. This one called Trojan horse (trojanhorse) is a harmless virus that disguises its harmful aspect taking the external appearance of an even harmless attractive to the user program. It typically presents as a game or more insidiously as antivirus program.

Interception of confidential data

Another important risks that can hurt a company is the interception by third parties of confidential data, we have to realize that in a normal internet connection 99.9% of the data that is not encrypted so they can be intercepted by either.

It is a simple and affordable for any pirate operation. There are many programs that let you save and then see what happens over a computer network. The data is transmitted over a computer network, and so all the computers in the same network are systematically each computer looks up the recipient address of this data packet and compares it with its own address, if both addresses not match, the computer just ignores only the machine to which the intended data packet will take this into account.


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