multipaymentWhy sell online? There are many advantages of making your product or service available online, including the enormous cost savings on shop rental, being able to overcome geographical limitations, gaining new customers through search engine visibility.

Naturally, there are still some similar principles between a brick-and-mortar store and an online shop. When you build a store, you need to create an attractive shopfront and a smooth, pleasant shopping experience to convert browsers to buyers. The same applies for your online shop – you need a professional web interface to assure browsers of your credibility, and a smooth, fast, browsing and checkout process to prevent your shoppers from abandoning their shopping carts. OMG Consulting can help you achieve this, and more.

Features such as:

  • Marketing & promotional tools
  • Full Analytics & reporting
  • Search-engine optimized architecture
  • Open-source with thousands of modules
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Run multiple stores from one interface
  • Full credit card processor integration
  • Advanced product catalogue management
  • Advanced product filtering, shipping and comparison tools
  • Multiple images per product with zoom compatibilities
  • Optimized for mobile phone viewing
  • International support with multiple languages and currencies
  • Check-out with guest account available
  • Full shipping integration with full order and customer management tools


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