Well-designed organizations always need to work on each job post before they begin the process of recruitment. Professionals who interview candidates conduct hundreds of interviews and are specialists in perceiving what they are doing. Being a manager is not the same as being a sales representative. There are certain rules that every employer should continue to ensure in order to hire the best possible candidates.

When asking candidates why they were successful in their previous job, expect a proper response. Most often, candidates respond similarly: “I’ve been to 7 sales conventions, I’ve sold so much and so on ” and these responses are not ideal. Yes, that was their function, but the statement does not explain whether he/she was a successful person. Ideally, in such cases, it is better to ask questions such as “why don’t you exhibit how a conflict can been solved?” this shall help you in understanding how the candidate’s project experience was and how he/she deals with situations.

Key tips

As stated before, when selecting a candidate for a job, there are certain rules that experts recommend in order to continue to succeed:

  • The first and foremost rule is not to hire someone who confident about himself/herself and the job position he /she has applied for.
  • Second characteristic is the attitude. This in many cases is better than their own abilities.
  • It is also important to try out unconventional scenarios. You have to expose a problem and if the candidate is capable of solving it in a non-traditional way, this is a good sign. He/she may be a great candidate.
  • The next rule is that you can barely modify a person’s personality. If there is a feature that does not pleases you, do not to hire him/her because it will be difficult to change this attitude, not even over time.
  • Try to hire someone who has qualities that distinguishes him/her from the rest of the employees of the company and may add in as a asset into your company.

It is essential to listen, talk with the applicant, and discuss ideas, as this will help you analyze the pros and cons in a better way. Find out what the applicant has to say about himself/herself and about your company.

About tests and guidelines

At times, companies perform a series of tests to filter the candidates in search of the right candidate for the job opening. Here are the most important ones:

  • Psychometric tests: These are the most common tests and consist of a battery of closed-ended questions where the candidate has to choose and make an ideal choice with respect to various work scenarios and other alternatives. The aim of such tests is to determine the intelligence, personality, and skills of the job seeker.
  • Professional tests: These tests consist of a series of tasks related to the position in question. For example, typing tests for a clerk or a conversation in English for a job position where it is necessary to handle this language fluently.
  • Knowledge tests: This is written or oral evidence on an agenda that has been set in advance. Normally the use of such tests is limited to positions of public administration, but sometimes companies conduct these for various other job roles too. Some private companies turn to them with in order to assess the knowledge of the candidates, especially, on the sector in which the company operates.

Depending on the type of work they are offering, some companies come to realize, for example, that physical evidence is important. This is mainly because the performance of work requires specific physical conditions, and even they may need to conduct graphology tests, which try to determine certain aspects of personality of candidates from the study of his or her writing.


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