For most businesses losing a key employee can be a very hard process to go through. These individuals may have contributed many techniques and strategies that may have advanced the company. However, when a great employee decides to leave it is important that the company maintain its professionalism throughout the process. The most important thing to remember is to keep a positive outlook throughout this journey.

When it comes to losing a great employee there are ways that you cope with departure easier.

Perspectives: Seeing things Differently
Even though an employer may not understand the employee’s reasons for leaving, they should do their best to empathize the employee’s desires and gracefully agree that the choice is the best decision for them. In doing so, both the company and the employer can continue to maintain a positive relationship with one another. It is important that as an employer, you attempt to see things from the perspective of the employee. In some cases an employee may decide to leave because they see a better opportunity. Some employees may take on a position to feel a need and not a desire. Once an opportunity comes around that allows them to do what they love, it is only natural that they would go for it. As their employer it is good for you to let them go and advance in their career.

Depart on a Positive Note
During their last week or last few days it is great idea to make them the most positive and thrilling. Though, work must go on as usual it is a good idea to throw a small celebration in appreciation for all that they have done. Nothing feels better to someone, then to be shown appreciation for their hard work and commitment to greatness. One of the best ways to show thanks is to buy a card and have everyone in the office signs it. Once complete the card will be given to the employee on their last day. This will help them remember all of the good times they had working in the company.

Search for New Talent
It is important to find the right candidate to replace the departing employee. The company will still have to run even though one of its key players is gone. The hiring process should begin as soon as the employee places their two weeks’ notice. As you begin the process of finding potential candidates, company can also make good use of the time to restructure the department.

Maintain a Past Relationship
After a key employee has left the company it is a good idea to keep in touch with them. It is never a good idea to burn bridges with a previous employee for the simple fact that they may be able to help your company in the future. A smart boss will not treat a departing person as a betrayal or enemy but as a potential future employee with better experience. In doing so you open new opportunities for your company to expand, broaden business network and possibly do business in the future.

These steps will ensure that the process is as effortless as possible. It is important to remember that during this time you maintain a professional demeanor at all times.


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