It has been said many times before that good help is hard to get. Even though it may be difficult, finding good help is certainly possible. It is very important for a business owner to have a productive team of employees if he or she plans to stay in business for a long time. In order to run a profitable business, there are many different qualities that employees must possess.

The Quick Learner

New employees who pick up on things really quick can save a business lots of money. This is because there will be no need to give instructions to them multiple times. Once they are trained, the same things won’t have to be repeated to them. When interviewing candidates for an open position, it is always important for the interviewer to look for someone who shows traits of being a quick learner. He or she can save the company lots of money and will be perfect candidates to be given new responsibilities due to their quick mind.

The Honest Employee

Having honest employees is very important to have. They will save the company money by not stealing and will also keep owners and management from stressing out. There is nothing as great as having trusted employees. It is probably the most important trait to look for in a person. Thieves can cost a company lots of money throughout the year, and it is always best to not give them an invitation into the company. It is sometimes difficult to know if someone is a thief after one interview. This is why a criminal background check must be done. If they are clean, this does not necessarily mean that they are an honest person. The very best way to get to know what kind of person they are is by contacting their references.

Employees that Listen to Directions

A good employee will listen to the directions that are given to them by their immediate supervisor. They will not back talk, complain or ask too many questions. Asking some questions is sometimes fine, but when an employee tries to over power their supervisor by acting like they are in charge of important company decisions, it can be a real problem. This can cause debates within the company and may make the company lose money as much time is wasted with unnecessary altercations.

Employees That are Drug and Alcohol Free

Employees that have an alcohol or substance abuse problem can cause great financial loss to a company. Even if they are never high or drunk while at work, their bad habits will have an affect on their work performance. Many times, these employees will miss work a lot, will be lazy and may even steal to help support their habit. When an employee does not have any of these bad habits, they have a greater chance of benefiting the company.


Having an employee that will be there for you whenever you need them is very valuable. They will be able to work overtime or weekends when needed. Also, they will not have another job that will interfere with their schedule.

Customer Service Orientated Employees

Employees are the face of a company. When they speak to customers, the whole company is being judged by this one employee. A good customer service oriented employee will always make the customer feel important. They will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. By doing so, the loss of customers will be at a minimum, and the company will prosper.

The Independent Employee

Having to constantly monitor an employee can be a real burden. Independent employees can perform their tasks without constant supervision and can always be relied upon. Their good work habits will save money for the company and will make the job of their superiors easier.

A business owner will benefit greatly when they hire employees with the above traits. Employees are the backbone of a business, and without them the daily operations would not get done. When a company carefully chooses who they will employ, their business will enjoy continuous growth.


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