It can be your first time encountering it, it may also be your countless times of attending it but nevertheless “job interview” is perhaps an unavoidable and necessary in landing you the desired job.

So what exactly is a job interview?

There are many types of interviews and within the list, phone and face-to-face are commonly used as primary interview.

1Phone interview is a common method used to pre-screen potential candidates. It is also used to narrow down the number of potential face-to-face interviews. Communication done over the phone consists of words and the tone of voice. It can be an advantage or disadvantage to you depending on how you leverage on this limitation.





Shaking hands at interview.Face-to-face interview simply put is a meeting organized by a recruiter/interviewer where a conversation occurs between the potential candidate and the recruiter/interviewer. There is no one standardized level of formality for job interview. It varies from a casual conversation to a series of serious rounds of discussions depending on the recruiter/interviewer arrangement. The number of interviews also depends on the size of the organization. For a small business, you would most likely be interviewed once directly by the employer.

On the surface, it may seem like a simple question and answer session but deep within an evaluation is done on you whether it is a phone or face-to-face interview. Companies want to avoid hiring the wrong candidate as it can be an enormous expense for them. Thus you may be required to go through certain type of job interview where you can be better assessed before you are being hired.


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