Even if you comply with brand basics, the lack of promotion of your online store is almost like if you install a physical store in an internal department the fifth floor of a building without external ads: customers would have no way of finding it. Thus, it is relevant to promote your website accordingly.


Electronic commerce has enabled people to redefine commerce and ways of doing business. The first major change in the business process was due to the appearance of the coin, by which it went from primitive to traditional barter trade. Centuries later, with cheaper transport, had the traditional model of global trade. That is, the same type of transaction, but larger area of action. In recent years, we have experienced a revolution in trade due to the advent of electronic means of payment, and recently the introduction of information technologies and communication. These are the main advantages that now account for e-commerce:

1 – Relocation of point of sale

Because the process of buying and selling is done on the internet, each of the parties may be in a different place and at different times. That means stores open 24/7 and more comfort for the buyer and seller. Disappear physical stores in favor of online stores, and even from traditional outlets web traffic takes walkways, a phenomenon known as showrooming.

2 – Flexible payment methods

Internet allows us to combine all available payment methods, providing both electronic and traditional. You can make cash payment, as it is against money back-, but above all -card credit or debit card or bank transference means or through new-born internet intermediaries like PayPal or even bit-coin.

3 – Creation of new business relationships

Somehow, eCommerce democratizes the trade agreement. This, relationships C2C (Consumer to Consumer, consumer to consumer), B2B (Business to Business, Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer, Business to Consumer), and even C2B (Consumer to Business compliance, consumer to business) where an individual can sell a business, as the customer-supplier role is diluted to operate both under the same transactional context, with little barriers to entry.

4 – Increase product range

Through a single point, the screen, you have access to an almost infinite range of suppliers, and thus the widest range of products possible. This allows us to compare and contrast options in real time and choose the one that best suits the specific needs.

5 – Access to a global market

Cheaper transport and globalization and made ​​possible the intercontinental trade. Now the e-commerce has become tremendously easy contact between buyers and sellers, breaking boundaries and making a single click a truly global market.

6 – Reduced costs and final price

For the seller, it has improved the profitability of logistics distribution routes or reducing intermediaries between others, allowing lower costs. To this sum is greater competition, which favors the buyer benefits from a final reduced price.

In short, all the advantages mentioned above point to the same direction that is efficiency. It seems that we live in times of economic situation, which can pose as a threat, or else see how gives us a unique opportunity to rethink how we do things, and re-perform them more efficiently. In this sense, e-commerce may be the key to revive a traditional business or start a new project, maximizing the digital opportunities. Companies that have no website or that do not have an online store, are missing an opportunity to improve business performance, as there are infinite internet users.

But, it is not enough to have an online store, since it is necessary to translate this section of your website sales and greater interaction with clients and potential consumers. Experts ensure that if you decide to open an online store customers receive your message implicitly means that you will always be at the forefront.

They believe that companies are more likely to succeed when you open an online store are those that focus on meeting the needs of the middle and upper classes, since people in these socioeconomic levels are the most active for purchases via that channel. In order that you decide to open an online store, we present some recommendations to secure Vera Serrano will be helpful when giving your first steps in e-commerce.

The immediate benefits

According to the specialist, the e-commerce extends the reach of your business, since consumers from around the world will know your products or services. Another advantage is that your company will maintain its active operations any longer, since your virtual store must operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Not just a catalog

The key to the success of an online store is to have a call to action attractive to your customers, so you should consider implementing triggers purchase as discounts, promotions, free shipping, gifts, rebates, loyalty points, payment alternatives, months without interest, to name a few. Make up your mind and begin promoting your new site!


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