Guide to Creating a Professional Resume

Due to all of the innovations in technology today, many companies are taking advantage of the electronic resume. While the electronic resume does offer certain advantages, the increase in submissions is making it more difficult for applicants to land their dream job. Even though the paper form is still in existence, some companies are still favoring the electronic version to the paper form. Consequently, most people do not have an opportunity to meet the hiring manager face-to-face when they drop off the paper form. Instead, the only contact that the applicant may have is submitting a killer professional resume online. Listed below is a brief guide to submitting the professional resume.

Submit a Custom Resume.

Some applicants’ resumes do not get to the top of these massive electronic piles because they submit the same resume for every job position. Instead of taking the time to tailor their skills and experience to a specific job position, they resubmit the same ones every time. According to numerous online career sites, this is a major mistake, since most generic resumes will not show the hiring manager or recruiter what the applicant can do or how their skills relate to the job position that they are applying for.

Seek to Put Your best foot forward.

Some applicants create their resume with no specific purpose in mind. Even when they customize their resume, they may not seek to give the hiring manager or recruiter an impressive image of himself or herself.
This is important when submitting a professional resume, since the resume is the liaison in this selection process. Therefore, it is important for the applicant to present a picture of an individual that is ready to do the job. This is often done by matching the applicant’s past and current experience with the job position that is open. For instance, if the job requires a bachelor’s degree and three years of computer related experience; this information must be clearly written and displayed in the appropriate place on the resume. In many cases, recruiters need to see this information at the top of the resume, especially when they are skimming through the resume quickly. Additionally, if the person has received many awards for their superior work, this should not be embedded in the middle of the text but positioned where it enhances the applicant’s qualifications.

Choose the Best Format.

Choosing the best format for the job posting is also crucial to the success of creating a killer resume. Functional, chronological, and combination are the three types that should be considered. The type chosen can make the difference between landing the job and being looked over consistently. For instance, some people may qualify for the job position, but the format used will not make this point clear. Particularly, when the experience that they have acquired is from previous job positions.

In these cases, the applicant may prefer to use a functional resume format instead of a chronological resume. With the functional resume, the applicant will have an opportunity to display all previously related jobs in one section. This format will also make it easy for the hiring manager and the recruiter to see the total amount of experience that the person has acquired.

Proofread and Proofread again.

An error on a resume is the unforgivable sin. Even if the recruiter likes the information that they see, they are normally hesitant to pass the resume on to the hiring manager, since it gives all involved a bad impression of the applicant. Mistakes in any job position is acceptable. However, if the person is applying for an open job, they must exhibit perfection at all times.


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