It is common knowledge that happy employees work harder and in essence make more money for the company they work for. It is not always easy to make people happy, and the old saying you can’t please everyone all the time holds true in this situation. Different people need different things to make them happy. It is possible to create a plan that will motivate and bring people together in the workplace.

When thinking about how to accomplish building a happy productive team in a business environment there are several things to keep in mind.

Below are 7  tips to help build a great team.

1. As stated above treat people equally. Making someone feel that they are less important than another member of the team will not only hurt morale it will affect their effort and willingness to try their best.

2. Allow people to speak their minds. Letting employees know that their opinion matters and taking them into consideration on any project you are working on will build their confidence. It also will encourage them to be a functioning member of the team. Everyone has different backgrounds and experiences. Taking advantage of that will help to build a cohesive and diverse team

3. Make sure that goals and procedures are clear. Create a set of rules to go by for solving problems, settling disputes, and resolving any issues that may arise. However, sometimes unforeseen problems will come along that have no set rules for. Allow the team to discuss this as a group and create a procedure to fix it together.

4. Make every team member’s responsibly clear. If a person is clear on what they are accountable for the team will function better as a group. This eliminates the “well I thought someone else was taking care of that” excuse.

5. Watch for trouble makers. If someone is constantly gossiping about someone else, or never takes responsibility for the mistakes they have made, they will drag the team down. Eliminate this type of employee. They can cause major problems and brew discord amongst the team.

6. Try to have fun. If every day is all business, nose to the grind stone, people can get burnt out. Do something fun for a change. Buy them lunch. Let them go home early one day, like Friday afternoon. An early start to the weekend is exciting to everyone. Tell them they have worked so hard they have earned it. It is a great way to motivate a team and show your appreciation for all their hard work.

7. Praise your employees . People love to hear when they have done a good job. You don’t have to throw them a party with balloons and cake. Pat them on the back, and say great job. Stick your head in their office and say “ you have done great; I just wanted to let you know that is hasn’t gone unnoticed”. This not only builds their self-esteem, but also lets them know that you appreciate everything they do, no matter how small.

The above are just a few ideas to building a happy productive team. As a leader it is up to you to implement some or all of them. Be creative. Think of what makes you feel good and want to do a good job. Use that knowledge to motivate and inspire. The results will amaze you.


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