Being part of a job that requires lots of physical and psychological burden can impose a big effect on your health. Let’s suppose that the payment is delivered on time, but is this enough for you to feel an internal completion as a professional and as a human being with values?

It can’t be enough in many cases. When positive feedback is not released you may find yourself standing against the danger of an emotional and psychological burnout. What is a psychological burnout? It is a very serious mental and psychological condition that can reach levels of individual collapse that no one could ever imagine. In this condition, the dissatisfaction from the loss of feedback by coworkers and the boss can reach a point, where the individual will stop feeling enthusiasm about his or her job, he will cut back on the devotion and energy investment on the job’s everyday tasks, or even show premature stages of job retirement.

What is the bosses’ attitude in this case? He or she may continue to show nice, but doesn’t have the slightest intention to acknowledge your effort and great results. Perhaps the situation is that he or she has a particular interest at the other employees, due to the board of directors’ vested interests. So only some employees that have found the proper ways to suck the boss up, or are next to the boss all the time to show their presence, are the ones most privileged to take the best comments and get even some rewards or promotions in the long run.

You actually belong to the people who want to do their job effectively and quietly without wanting to cause troubles, or get part in any gossip that will lead to specific privileges. You want to deliver a clean task.

The last step before the psychological burnout starts eating you is to approach the boss. This could be the last attempt to alter the impressions and get a good feedback for all that has been done so far. You are happy to find out that he or she is completely compatible with your views and moreover she believes that some people in this organization are really sneaky and should be removed. You leave the office with the joy that your boss not only has acknowledged your views but he has the same opinion like you about those who are not authentic in their role. Next morning though comes another bing bang when you see your boss being as closest to your “enemies” as ever! You start feeling hatred or disappointment for the image you have made about him the previous day. So the overwhelming sensation of the psychological burnout starts coming back.

How you should handle all this situation and feel good about your job?

First of all you should take a great responsibility of improving your physical and emotional well –being. Your life outside the office or any other work environment must fill with meaning and great feedback from the people who love and support you.

Second and most important you must learn how to get feedback from the customers in your work. No one is more responsible of giving you better feedback than the people who you assist in making their lives better. Respond to their smile, their feedback and engage to a wonderful collaboration.

Last but not least learn to never undervalue yourself. If you convince yourself you are someone that is worth getting respect, without expecting something, and this is the secret, then the others will be forced to follow your lead..


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