While it may seem like the office space is a hierarchy, it isn’t, and it follows the same rules that society does. Even though your employees have to do everything that you assign them, they may not respect you enough to do the best job. As the manager it is not as easy to see this as someone from the outside so here is some good signs to look for if you are trying to see how your employees think of you as a manager. Try not to take it personally and instead improve upon the way you treat them. It can not only make their life easier but also your life and it has a good chance of increasing productivity in the office.

Employees constantly gaze with a wicked eye at a manager with the intention of catching his mistakes. No matter if you are great manager employees will think you are not a good manager at any level. The top reasons a manager is cataloged as a lousy manager is because of:

Employees are feeling oriented people who will respect people who respect them. When an abominable manager lacks good control of his temper, he gives a directive in a dreadful manner and performs an unprofessional way asking for an assignment to be done. In return, employee will most likely respect the manager, who demonstrates the lack of respect for, in the worst way.

Bad problem solver
A manager should have the ability to solve problems immediately, correctly and effectively. Employees will think the manager is not worthy of his position because of his poor decision making skills. Hence, create a working environment of uncertainty for their employees.

To the employees, the position of a manager signifies “great knowledge”. An incompetent manager that does not respond quickly or doubts when he gives an answer to an employee, will indicate ignorance. The minute a manager shows a moiety of ignorance the employees will certainly think the manager is giving employee a cold shoulder. The lack of response will characterize a manger as a difficult manager.

Work Life Balance
A manager will be seen by the employees as a dreadful one, if he does not recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Good manager should achieve a fair balance between the amount of work and personal life of the employee. No matter what type of work environment a manager is in charge of, every employee will expect a good manager to be able to achieve an optimum balance to the best of his knowledge.

Being a manager requires his presence available at all times, this does not connote only physical presence. An unavailable manager slows or may completely stop business production. Employee will feel the pang of stress as time goes by when the job is needed to be done and requires solution to a problem. Lack of availability of a manager shows his lack of care for to the business.

Lack of training skills
A manager that does not train his employees correctly is a horrible superior. Employees frequently are in doubt if they are performing correctly. When an employee seeks guidance from the manager, and the direction is not up to standard, the employee will see the boss as a terrible leader.

Setting a Bad Example
At home, children learn from the example set by their parents. At workplace, employees pick up examples set by manager. As a leader who led a team of employees, setting a good example is very important if they want to demand proper behavior of employees. For example, if a manager is being late to work often, employee might easily assume that it is acceptable to some extent. Good manager follow the rules and set good examples with your actions. So, when you stick to your word, the employees are more likely to stick to their own.

Personal appearance
The overall appearance is one of the factor to create a great first impression in the workplace. Lack of good clean clothes and well groomed appearance is evidence of his personality. Managers that reek, dress with wrinkled clothing, and convey a dirty aspect, will give reason to employees to claim their manager as appalling. The manager will be seen with disgust if his appearance is unacceptable.

These are the signs to look out for as a good manager. While they are not set in stone they are good indicators as to how your employees think you are doing. Lead by example and get involved in the work you do. However, give them there space as well. Then a healthy and productive office will be very possible.


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