Almost every person in this world dreams about the bright future, few of them plan and very less amongst them become able to practically act on them and finally there is a very small segment which also succeeds in getting the desired work. What makes these few people to reach the peak of the success is the real question asked by the people. One thing is sure that they are not necessarily extra ordinary in their intelligence and efficiencies; it is just because they make certain principles in the life and act upon them whole heartedly.

Long Term Commitment:

Only a long term commitment can help you to earn your goals in the life. Here the long term commitment does not only mean to have the desire of achieving something for a long time. It is to face all the obstacles by patiently remaining stick to the main objective no matters how big the problems are. In the workplace there is not only one problem which needs to be managed. A rude and stubborn boss lacking the leadership, politics of the coworkers, hard tasks and time management are really the tough things which often compel the person to quit the race. Only a long term desire having a potential of resisting can be workable in such circumstances.

Time Management:

Achieving the desired destination compels the person to do the hard work by taking the difficult tasks, which are mostly difficult to accomplish. The basic key to success is the effective time management. Not every person masters in effectively managing the time. There are certain golden principles which are necessary to be acted upon in order to utilize the time properly.

  • Don’t put off your work. Try to meet the deadlines ASAP. If you are lazy enough to complete your work in time, then you really need to work hard for defeating this habit of laziness.
  • Perfectionism is not necessary in all the cases unless it is demanded by your boss or the manager. A habit of making everything perfect can produce a delayed result and you need to leave the whole task. The most important thing is to complete the project in time, not to do it perfectly. So don’t seek perfection in every project.
  • Always prioritize your work. Every task has certain value, few are important, few are urgent, few are both important as well as urgent, so you have to do the urgent and important tasks first. Setting the priority of a certain task let you to complete the work earlier.
  • The best remedy to meet the deadline is to work by dividing the whole task in different portions. A large and tough task might include several tasks; make the division according to the difficult and the easy tasks. Allocate a proper time slot to each of the task separately and then solve it.

Time management is the basic principle for achieving the success. There are other so many challenges which keep on increasing the mental and physical stress continuously. You also need to manage the stress effectively.

Always have a positive attitude to a particular problem. Take the problem as a challenge, make yourself accountable in front of you, analyze your skills and strengths and then beat the weaknesses. Just keep in your mind that any pessimistic thought is enough to make you deviate from the basic aim and objective you have. Never underestimate yourself; it draws all your energies, perhaps acts as a first step to accept the defeat.

Self determinations, a proper direction, long term commitment, dare to face the challenges, self believe and optimistic approaches with good management skills are the basic tools to achieve a goal.


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