Gaining an audience with a boss is an important part of getting noticed at work and may be the defining factor towards whether you or someone else will be promoted at work. Gaining an audience with a boss is easier said than done in some workplaces and doing so sometimes requires some basic maneuvering.

Sometime going out to lunch is one of the better options. Your boss is effectively part of a captive audience during lunch and that can play to your advantage. In addition, your bosses’ mood may be better during lunch which can help to play to your advantage in regards to the results of anything you are asking for. It may not be easy to get your boss to go to lunch with you but here are eight tips that can help you to gain a lunch meeting with a boss.

Option 1
Discuss Something Formal – Planning a formal lunch with a major problems that requires the attention of a boss may be one of the best ways to get a lunch meeting with your boss. Start by sending an email to him or her identifying the problem and then request a lunch meeting to discuss. From there, the lunch meeting can turn towards other topics that you are looking to talk to them about.

Option 2
Choose a Slow Day – Every office has those slow days. Often they fall around holidays. The week after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve is one example. Thanksgiving week is another option. Ask for a lunch meeting during this time frame. Since your boss may be less busy this may be an excellent time to gain his attention during a lunch meeting.

Option 3
Choose an Original Place – If you have a familiarity with a specific type of food your boss may not be familiar with it may be an opportunity to introduce them to someplace new during lunch. If you are Chinese for example, an interesting Chinese restaurant with authentic ways can be introduced to your boss as a way of gaining an audience.

Option 4
Bring Lunch In – Sometimes having food delivered and eating over work is a good way to have an informal lunch with your boss. This can provide the opportunity to have lunch with a boss even when they are too busy for other options.

Option 5
Invite a Client or Vendor – Your boss may not be able to make time for just you but would be willing to meet with others including clients or vendors. Try bringing in a vendor or client into the lunch and use the travelling time to or from the client to accomplish those things that are concerning you.

Option 6
Give a Presentation – A presentation over lunch may be a way to gain an audience with a boss. Develop a formal communication presentation using a video or computer software program. Your boss may feel obligated to attend.

Option 7
Plan In Advance – Your boss may feel inclined to attend if you organize the lunch meeting well in advance. Be formal and issue regular reminders to make sure your boss is able to attend.

Option 8
Casual Request – Be flexible with your request. If you see your boss relaxing and taking it easy during the day then drop an informal request for lunch. Be open to his schedule. The worst that can happen is they defer to a later date.

Depending on their schedules, bosses can be notoriously hard to meet with. By using one of the aforementioned options when asking them for a lunch you may be able to gain access to them and accomplish what you want in.


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