If you have been working at the same position for long and especially if your performance has been exceptional consistently, you feel (quite rightly) that you deserve a promotion.

The problem however is that this is not so obvious to those around you, particularly your boss.

And since no one else will do it for you, the onus is on you to convince your boss why you should be promoted.

Here are some useful tips on how to do it.

1.    Be Prepared

Your preparation for a successful meeting with your boss starts from your very attitude. Be confident. Don’t feel apologetic (or worse guilty) about asking for the promotion. Needless to say your confidence will soar high if you are well prepared with numbers about your performance. Show your boss how in the past 12 months (or 5 years) your efforts have increased sales from A to A++, or how many clients you have brought on board, or how you have consistently exceeded set targets etc. Numbers don’t lie. Seeing your achievements as a whole and together (perhaps graphically represented too) definitely makes an impression.

2.    Be Specific

It helps if you know exactly what you want. Is there a vacant position in the organization you feel you can do justice to? Convince your boss why you are just right for that job. Or have you identified a new position where you would be perfect. Obviously this position should offer tremendous value to the organization. When you are this specific, your boss will take you seriously and frankly you have made it easier for the boss. (Now he does not have to ponder on what position would be right for you).

3.    Be Professional

Never put down another colleague. Focus only on your positives to convince the boss. As you move up the corporate ladder, your skills as a team player are paramount. Negative remarks about peers can therefore seriously harm your promotion prospects.

Steer clear from personal stories about family circumstances etc which make the promotion (and associated pay rise) crucial for you.

4.    Be Sensible

Do be sensible as to the timing of your discussion. If the organization is going through tough times just then- for instance a major order has fallen through, or you lost a big account- obviously the time is not right. (Tip: Put in your best efforts to turn the situation around and you have one more reason chalked up in your credit when the crisis has subsided and you are ready to talk to your boss about promotion).

The right time is during your performance appraisal or when you have just concluded some particularly impressive work. (See above Tip)

5.    Be Considerate

Be considerate of your boss’ time. Inform him that you want to discuss your promotion and ask for a convenient time. This ensures that

(a)  he is also prepared (and not shocked/surprised when you bring up the topic) and

(b)   he gives you his full attention (without being preoccupied with other things).

The chances of success are then higher.

Promotion obviously means more money. But that may not be your only motivation. Promotion also means greater responsibilities and more challenges and offers opportunities for your self-development both personally and professionally.

You deserve it. Go for it.




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