Technology has evolved and transformed the conduct of activities within a company. Increasingly, the Internet is making the results to be quicker, with less effort, in addition to improving accessibility, as in the case of the Help Desk, a set of services that provides the ability to manage and resolve any incidents clients holistically.

This is a channel for direct needs, expectations, suggestions, surveys and reviews communication. Its mission is to intervene, together with the respective responsibility areas, where there may be a difference of opinion on the services rendered or the products of the company in question.

Within the information technology and communications (ICT), you can, for example, consider outsourcing from the administration of networks, database, help desks, communication services among which are telephony, maintenance or rental equipment, servers to cloud storage.

Like everything, IT outsourcing has advantages and disadvantages: on the one hand allows the acceleration of reorganization, ease of access to next generation solutions, optimizing the use of resources and quality of services. But by opting for this model, it is important to note that some issues will end up affecting business results.

It is imperative that companies differentiate the two types of services involved: core and supplementary. The first are the core set of the most important services that the firm, while the latter correspond to those processes themselves can outsource because they do not directly involve the product or service of the company.

Telephone service

Experts call to reject the tendency to take the company’s customer service call because the ability to have first-hand contact with the consumer is lost; a contact that allows for innovation and corrected.

The customer complaint has to get the purest that can be to the company, to make adjustments in the service or products. If a customer calls the phone thinking it will speak with a company representative in Mexico and attending a Colombian individual, for example, information can get distorted and contact can hurt the company.


The choice of a specialized videoconferencing service is always good, especially for those who must continuously communicate with other locations worldwide. However, for a global HR organization, whose work focuses on the recruitment of staff, stop in processes such as internal implementation of videoconferencing equipment (quality) would be a waste of resources.

Cloud computing

You can outsource your IT services through cloud computing as long as your support is available 24 hours 365 days a year, for your operations may fall at the most critical moment of the day and your service is not able to reset it.

In general all companies consist of a computer science department that provides support for all kinds of problems related to computational issues, although some medium-sized enterprises could eventually hire outsiders in specialized subject, gaining ground and subtracting complex problems. However, the shift to the IT department in solving technical problems, as might be managing remote collaboration platforms, is to remove priority to important issues such as those related to the overall operation of the company.


A good example is Procter & Gamble, which in 2000 decided to apply the concept of “open innovation” when a crisis stalled. For the particularity of its market, where products are massive and have short life cycles, there came a time when the creative source declined. To save the company off the hook, this model was applied by which innovation is no longer only “in house”, to include outsiders. As a result, Procter enhanced the productivity of the innovation capacity of the company. External sources provide different views, thus the process is enhanced.

 IP technology

The convergence of voice IP technology provides a multimedia environment with more efficient applications, allowing the company to be connected with your business, regardless of location and distance.

Among the recommendations of experts, companies should not spend money on the constant renewal of communications equipment, because the increasingly technological obsolescence occurs in less time.  There are few occasions when the staff is tied to the organization, making that investment is difficult to justify to the directives, albeit latent for running the business need.

Companies and managers using the online Customer Service with the intention to reduce staff and save money almost certainly lose customers and ultimately the fall in market share. By contrast, those who locate in choosing the needs of their customers first increase their profits through customer satisfaction; i.e. offer electronic issuance of compliance orders online and deliver in a timely manner. Best IT Helpdesk Services and help achieve this scenario.

The goal is a complete understanding between the parties (company and customer) by an impartial department that openly address the situation, involving all those listed and give a final solution that meets the needs of customers.


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