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The job search process starts with self-assessment. You will not be in a position to prepare a resume, send it to prospective employers or go to interviews until you have some basic understanding of your desired. You should give considerable thought to the type of work that you would like to do. Such tasks require substantial preparation and a realistic appraisal of your relevant abilities.

How to Conduct a Self-Assessment

The objective of self-assessment is to help you take inventory of the values, skills, and interests that you currently possess. The following exercise should help you determine what it is you want to do, what is important to you, and what you feel you can do well. Once you have established these priorities, you can begin investigating potential career options.

  1. Understand Your Personal Traits
    The personal traits that describe me are: (Include all of the words that describe you.)
  2. Identify Your Personal Values
    Working conditions (physical and philosophical) that are important to me : (List working conditions that would have to exist for you to accept a position.)
  3. Identify Your Skill Base
    The general skills I possess are: ( List the skills that underlie tasks your are able to complete.) The specific skills I possess are: ( List more technical or specific skills that you possess and indicate your level of expertise.) Skills I would like to use on the job include: ( List skills that you hope to use on the job, and indicate how often you’d like to use them.) Some skills that I’ll need to acquire for the jobs I’m considering include: ( Write down skills listed in job advertisements or job descriptions that you don’t currently possess.) I believe I can obtain these skills by: ( Describe how you plan to acquire these skills.)
  4. Calculate Your Economic Need
    My estimated minimum annual salary requirement is: (Write the salary you have calculated based on your budget.)
  5. Explore Your Long-term Goals
    My long-term plans include: ( Describe how the positions you are considering will help you to obtain your long-term goals.)

Once you have completed the first step, be prepared for the next step : Research. We will be talking about this topic in the next update,stay tuned!


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