Got an important interview coming up? A well-prepared candidate is sure to achieve a 100% successful interview, when compared to the one who is unaware of the company or the position he/she is interviewing for. Facing a job interview, particularly in today’s competitive environment is not only hard but also challenging. Being well prepared for a job interview is definitely a key to a successful interview. The following steps will help you in preparing well for a job interview:

Research information about the organization
The first step for a good interview is to learn all the basic details about the organization you are interviewing with. This is a common thing which most of the candidates would undertake when it comes to interview preparation, but it is not necessary that all of them would do as well. Learn about the history of the organization, the ups and downs faced by the organization, their market value, what are the services offered by them, what markets do they serve, company’s plan in the near future, and all about the clients and customers of the organization as mentioned in their official portal.

Gather information about the employees in the organization
Apart from researching the details about the organization, it is also important for you to know their work culture, what do the employees of the organization feel about the organization as a whole. Gather information about the various different teams in the organization, what they do, and how they team up as one organization. You can gather all the data from the company’s official website.

Find someone who works for the organization
Knowing an insider who is an employee of the organization you are interviewing with can prove very helpful. This insider can give you a detailed insight about the work culture and the job position you are applying for at the organization. You can also learn details as to who would be interviewing you, what exactly is the status of the team that has this open job position, why is the person leaving the company (due to which an open job position was created), work pressure and many other details.

Know more about the job opening
Gather information as to what the job opening is all about, what is the experience level they are looking for, how best suited you are for this job position. In other words, know what is coming. It is quite normal to feel anxious before the start of the interview; however, the feeling of being prepared should help you ease down a little. You can download the “common interview questions” and be prepared with them. Always be prepared with your answers, instead of using words such as “um”, “ah”, “this”, that”, etc. Practice your pitch several times before the job interview date, this adds in more confidence while answering the interviewer’s questions.

Go through your resume word by word
Make sure that your resume matches the job opening you are applying for. Your resume is the only document that you shall be carrying for your job interview; hence, it is wise to always carry two copies of the same. You can utilize one copy to hand it over to the interview and one copy (if) when they would like to discuss your project work and achievements line by line. Your resume should act as a study manual outline while preparing for your job interview and reflect your personality, apart from the accounting of projects worked for and achievements.

Step back and relax
One last step to get you through with your job interview preparation is to “just relax”. Taking a few deep breaths in order to increase the flow of oxygen in your body will help blood circulation and aid in relaxation. Force deep breaths in and out of your abdomen in order to regulate your breathing. Inhale and exhale for a count of three, and repeat it a few more times until you feel relaxed. In other words, breathing just right shall help you relax and get rid of any nervous tension before you walk into the job interview room.

Thus, by following all the above-mentioned points you will feel thoroughly confident in yourself during the job interview. Give your best shot at the interview in order to be selected for the job position.


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