Whenever people encounter someone who is a “born leader” it is easy to think they have it all. How did they get that way? Were they really “born” like that or is it like any other quality or skill, did they practice and hone the ability? More than the likely, while there are a few folks who just seem to naturally be able to navigate the leadership waters easily, the bulk of humans roaming the earth that seem confident are that way due to practice.

High self esteem is a tricky personality trait and most you see that seem to have that are simply projecting smoke and mirrors until everyone around them, including themselves, believes it to be true. The key word to who can make one have a high self esteem is “self”. It must come from within, and the confidence to be a true leader with strong self esteem many times simply comes from telling yourself over and over again you are worthy, you are amazing, you are a leader and going into the world pretending to project that. Many times that is all it takes to have the confidence to be a leader become a reality.

Having strong leadership skills can be important throughout one’s life in ways from the simple to the complex. Of course, everyone immediately thinks of strong leaders being a force to be reconned with in the workplace. Acing an interview is always easier for someone that seems to be a leader rather than a wallflower. Going in exuding confidence in that situation many times simply makes the interviewer believe the interviewee is the right person for a position because the interviewee “leads” him or her to believe that from the beginning; starting with a strong handshake and eye contact right up to the thank you note sent following the face to face meeting are things most do not think are as important as they are, but they all show a strong leader and someone capable of taking control, whether it be of a job or a situation.

Leadership skills are also advantageous in day to day activities many don’t even consider, however. But handling personal problems becomes easier when one has strong leadership qualities.
Perhaps you were charged an erroneous charge on a credit card statement or you need to return a faulty product. Many times simply commanding the situation will determine the outcome. If you call your credit provider and hem and haw through the conversation with little to no confidence, more than likely the customer service member helping you on the telephone will not take seriously what you are saying. Calling with a firm tone and strong leadership demeanor quickly turns the tide of the call. Likewise if you have a defective product and try to return it to the store or online merchandiser, if you do not have your skills hone to navigate the waters, many times you will simply be stuck with a malfunctioning product.

Another advantage to having strong leadership qualities in life is in getting others to help you in situations, whether it be working together on a work project, a school presentation or even in our relationships with partners, children, etc. But working with others is not necessarily just being the typical type of leader. Being a strong person in charge many times involves listening to others as well as, or at the very least in addition to, directing them. Hearing other’s perspectives is vital to getting jobs done and learning in life. If a leader of a group simply feels the need to bulldoze everyone else around and under them, they are not a very strong leader at all. Being able to recognize other’s strengths they bring to the table and delegate work is all part of being the best type of leader. From the President to the party planner, being able to effectively gather the best people to help and then allow them to help you is your biggest strength.

In every aspect of life, both personally and professionally, honing one’s leadership skills and knowing how to cater them to a particular situation is vital to success. Remember when using them through out life, balance the different portions of it that play into becoming a great leader, from simply believing in yourself, giving off the aura that others should believe in you as well by being confident, maintaining eye contact and using small skills as much as big ones, such as a firm handshake, follow up meetings with a simple gesture of saying thank you in some form or fashion, and gather the very best around you to help you accomplish your goals.


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