Unlike the past, where a specific tool would be implemented forever, this situation has changed. It is necessary to adopt new technologies accordingly, making it increasingly more important to face the process of IT relocation and not be affected in any way.

Maintenance and management during relocation is essential to ensure the continued productivity for manufacturing high quality products and to maintain the competitiveness of the company. But also influences the safety and health at work.

Ensuring solutions to suit the specific needs of your business, enabling efficient and agile implementation, and scalability to ensure strong growth and success of your business, and technology, this involves.

Electrical Systems

When it comes to best managed IT relocation solutions, you will get the following benefits:

  • Best data centers have redundant power systems.
  • We guarantee excellent performance in the data center.
  • Optimal power flow, working even in critical cases of blackout.
  • Back-up generators to industrial capacity.
  • Systems UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) redundant.
  • System grounding.
  • Electrical Substation.


Devices that automatically switch between redundant power supplies always will be fed as a clever arrangement to the racks of equipment, no matter that there is a power failure).

Cooling Systems

Of course you need to ensure right atmosphere. The capacity of best cooling system is designed to increase according to the requirements of use. It is guaranteed to increase occupancy data centers, not affecting the climate control.

The best team has cooling systems that support an ideal temperature for complex equipment.

Fire Alarm System

The combination of automated and ultra-sensitive detectors, systems can be used to implement a proactive system to prevent fires.

System Security

When it comes to relocation, best security systems are carefully planned to protect your data and equipment by:

  • CCTV, with a network of surveillance cameras and continuous monitoring circuit.
  • Biometric identification and magnetic readers.
  • Motion sensors located in each data center.


Initiatives leading service management transition view the IT department as a cost center to understand what it really is: a strategic asset that is committed to the business.

The maintenance of equipment and relocation is essential in all processes that generate it, in order to avoid exposure of workers.

Technology matters and you need to reduce the cost of each investment, allowing startups to implement in large projects by related companies.

Stick to centralization of data and applications on servers favoring centralized management and integrity thereof. Maintenance is a generic term for a variety of tasks in many different sectors and in all types of environments. Activities include maintenance include:

First, proper maintenance is essential to ensure that machinery and work environment remain safe and reliable. Second, maintenance is in itself a high-risk activity to be performed safely, with appropriate measures to protect maintenance workers and other people in the workplace.

The concept of Managed IT relocation outsourcing is not new, but evaluate and implant abroad may be more complicated. Some of the activities and processes that outsource or relocate technology companies are: software development, application hosting, data centers, network management and administrative functions. The promise of immediate cost reduction can be an important incentive to explore options for offshore outsourcing. But some companies are not familiar with the practicalities and the risks involved.

The best team of experts ensures consolidation and relocation of IT help you perform successfully, with minimal risk and planned, from consolidation of multiple data centers and subsequent relocation of the consolidated facilities to migrate applications, data and IT equipment and infrastructure in a data center or from one to the other data centers, while giving support to maintain the requirements for application availability and security of their products.

The following steps are usually included:

  • Generation business case (feasibility, cost and time).
  • Creating model consolidation and relocation.
  • Creating detailed project plan (usually two models are validated).
  • Planning and implementation with minimal downtimes during the transition.


Some of the benefits that Managed It relocation offers this service include:

  • Reduce risk with early identification of potential obstacles and costs.
  • Supporting minimal impact to the operation of your business during relocation.
  • Reduce disruption productivity allowing your IT group stays focused on its core tasks.
  • Keep projects on time and budget, and minimize fall hazards of unexpected applications.
  • Apply a structured,  IP-based methods to help reduce the risks and complexities of migration.


Having qualified and experienced staff to help you have proven uptime in its new data center in a faster way. It is a service that allows you to prevent and even provide solutions to errors and attacks your system immediately, remote processes, without displacement and with a totally secure connection. No need for physical presence in the technical facilities, it is possible to perform a series of actions and checks to ensure the smooth operation of your system. Select properly!


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