Most leaders are still “going to the office” but things are taking a new direction. In fact, while it is extremely important to be seen in the company, online technologies are here to stay. Most of the people who work from home are part of the team (as important as the leader). Keep reading and discover the hidden hints to gain benefits. This will surely help you improve your organization’s performance.

There are certain areas, which are the front lines of your business, and to be in contact with customers can have much exposure their achievements, such as a seller. Inevitably we always have peak seasons, where our product or service is sold and surely more employees are overworked and stressed, perhaps staying beyond schedule. Identify these people well, congratulate them, and at least once, redeem their effort with working days from home.

Internal competitions including the family

Organize internal competitions in which family members of employees are also involved. You can be the creation of a story, how a family would help in managing an employee’s time, this is a good example. Obviously, reward the best and send a personalized thank you letter to each family.

Tickets to the theater and the cinema

Surprise the best employee of the month, the one with better performance and outstanding effort wins. Give him/her some kind of rewards such as the latest movie tickets to attend the theater or a cinema around town.

Out formalities, hello casual attire

Allow at least a day where employees can stop thinking about their looks/attires and focus on your work. Many times the stiffness of the corporate appearance is most uncomfortable. Before doing so, set clear rules of what is allowed, but make them feel free and comfortable. There are employees who face customers on a daily basis, allow them to be semi-casual on such days (owing it to their profession).

 Thematic days

Offer small meetings at work to spend time with your employees about non-market issues, competition, or investment return. You can for example organize a one-on-one meeting with the partners, where employees can put forth their thoughts, suggestions, etc. Another good idea is to celebrate the birthdays of employees at the every month by organizing a half hour birthday celebration party, where employees can interact with other team members and take a break during this time.

Promote good ideas

Encourage an environment of collaboration and trust where employees can submit their proposals, projects, or improvements. Show them the confidence to lead their own projects. Lean on your managers to receive the necessary coaching and ensure success.

Do not repress or criticize employees. If someone is doing wrong, criticizing is the worst way to correct it, much less to achieve motivation. Thus, you want to avoid such attitude and instead, show results with a solid foundation feedback, listen to what they have to say and agree new targets.

Can someone be a good leader but not a good manager? What is better for a company? The truth is every concept is intertwined. If you want to boost productivity and performance levels, it may be the right time to focus on keeping everyone happy. Unfortunately, many people forget about this. In fact, there are many CEOs who cannot lead and several leaders who cannot listen nor manage. In short, neither option is good for the organization in question. We are not alone. Recognizing other individual’s potential is quite a challenge. Begin by sharing ideas and start motivating your employees.

Never forget your manners. Perhaps this is most important but most neglected. Having a good sense of humor is important because an employee who is funny and motivated will make everything a lot more easier and take less stress when performing his/her duty.






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