Is your boss a jerk? Do you feel unhappy at work? Do you wish you could fire your boss? Many employees are victims to horrible bosses, suffering silently under their tyrannical reign. Read on to find out what makes a horrible boss, and learn how to deal with this sticky situation.

The world is full of different people, and some of those people are simply jerks. Many people are unlucky enough to have to deal with these awful people as bosses,  putting a strain on their professional life and workplace. There are many characteristics to tell if you are a victim of a bad boss, here are a few.

One of the most noticeable qualities of awful bosses is the inability to listen to their employees. They typically don’t care what any employee has to say and almost seem to have a sense of false accomplishment and title. Their unwillingness to listen, silences the suggestions of their employees, resulting in the company loosing some great ideas. Another trait of a jerk for a boss is slave driving. These people want everything done in their way only and not a minute late. If there is a single thing off about the task, they will get very upset and punish the worker with even more work that can’t be handled. Another trait that horrible bosses have is the lack of appreciation for their employee’s efforts. They demand things be done perfectly, yet offer no reward. They also put an unusual amount of work on just one person and expect it all to be done perfectly. If the work isn’t done in their way, chaos usually follows. Perhaps one of the worst traits of a bad boss is personal harassment. This is usually noticeable very early on, as the boss will usually target the same person over and over. They’ll pick on small things that person does and may even get personal with their insults. This is perhaps the worst trait because it can be serious and very hurtful, especially when violent words turn to violent actions. Such bosses usually have anger management issues, making the working environment very stressful. The next trait one should look out for is inflexibility. This trait is represented in many forms. The worker may ask the boss permission to be 15 minutes late for work, and give a good and valid reason yet the boss will not budge or even bother to find some compromise with the worker. Very often, many employees find themselves losing their jobs because of such a boss. If your boss won’t cooperate even when it’s necessary then your boss definitely has this trait. Of course, there are many more traits of a jerk boss one should be on the look out for, these are just the most noticeable and often the worst traits as well. However, if your boss is an extremely “nice guy”, you may also have a serious problem. They offer praise and recognition abundantly, even for poor work. They rely on “boot licking” to please employees, resulting in an inauthentic relationship. Employees will never advance in such an environment, they will never receive accurate criticism and their work standard will stagnate.

If you find that your boss is a jerk, never fret. There are ways you can handle it in a professional manner that won’t end at the unemployment line.

Dealing with jerks is hard enough, especially when that jerk is your boss. Many people don’t know how to approach their bosses when they’re just nasty jerks. There are a few ways to do this properly and make work a lot less tense and a bit more enjoyable. One such way to deal with a particularly nasty boss is to go straight to the corporate big-shots, file a complaint and have proof. Proof may be as simple as a testimony from a coworker to an audio tape of your boss mistreating you. However, make sure the proof is legal and will not come back to bite you. The next way to deal with an awful boss is to write them a personal letter or an email. If your boss has a heart underneath all that ice, a letter may reach them. Sometimes your heartfelt words will melt that ice, and it’s definitely worth a shot. Within the letter, explain why you’re upset with examples and valid reasons. You could also include some suggestions on how to fix these issues and don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Bosses are there to guide the employees and make sure everyone is doing their most to contribute to the well being of the business. If your boss makes working hard for you, it is certainly time to address it. Another way to deal with your jerk boss is to talk with them face to face. Just like how you would write the letter, express all your issues and ideas for fixing them. Your boss will also appreciate the fact that it takes guts to speak verbally with them and may work out better than sending a written letter or email. There are a few more ways to deal with a rude and nasty boss. The best way to resolve any conflict is communication, in whichever form. Communication is needed to build a good relationship with anyone, and that includes your boss. Never be afraid to address issues with your boss. You are an employee of that business and have just as much right to feel comfortable there as your boss does. However always remember that when you address your boss, make sure it’s done in a professional and respectful manner. Telling your boss off would be nice, but so would keeping your job.


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