Top 10 Online Job Search Tips

The desire to get a new or better job is something that happens throughout life. One may have found that they are stuck in a position with little hope of advancement or one may have had been downsized and thus needs to locate a new employer. Regardless of the reasons why a new job is desired; the use of online services and sites for job seeking have changed the way jobs are found. You can employ a few search tips to help you better locate that new job you are searching for online.

1. Higher Level Positions
Those seeking middle to upper management positions need to search through open positions posted on networking sites such as LinkedIn and also pay attention to the employer links that take users to the employment opportunity pages for those firms that have a presence on such sites.

2. General Job Boards
Bookmark and find all job posting boards that offer free searches of open positions. make sure to visit the sites routinely and sign up for new job alerts if the service is available.

3. Set Aside Time Every Week
Setting aside a day each week and a set time to be devoted to searching through jobs will help you find a job faster as you will be checking all relevant sites on a regular basis.

4. Create a LinkedIn Account
LinkedIn is a business networking tool where employers search for potential candidates. make sure to set up a profile and complete all of the profile questions so you will be able to be seen by prospective employers.

5. Take Notes For Each Position
You may find that the same position is posted at various online sites. You need to take notes and be aware of which jobs you have applied for so that you do not apply for the same position twice and thus appear to be disorganized.

6. Keep A File On Your Computer With All Documents
The majority of online job sites will allow you to attach your resume and other documentation during the online application process. Keep a file on your computer with your resume, reference letters and other information so you can quickly find those items when you need them to apply for jobs.

7. Polish Your Resume
The need to have an updated and polished resume is essential in the online world of job hunting. One reason this is important is that many firms use a resume tool that searches through your resume for key words and phrases that help to identify you as a good prospect for the position you have applied for.

8. Update Your Social Media Page
You need to have your social media page redesigned slightly so that you can add your resume to your page and a statement that others can see where you state outright that you are seeking a new job or career.

9. Expand Your Horizons
Searching for jobs involves using search engines and those embedded in job board sites. You may know the type of position you want but you will also want to use additional words and job titles to expand your search as not every employer has the same name for the same position.

10. Creative Search Terms
In the same manner you want to search for different names for roughly the same position, you will also want to get creative in your search terms. You can use words that include the names of cities or towns, the names of actual companies or even search for positions that are above your current level of employment.

The end result, when good online job searching tips and tricks are used, is that you will find plenty of open positions to apply for and potentially land that job of your dreams. The online option of being able to search for jobs has changed the way that people look for employment. Long gone are the days where waiting on the Sunday newspaper was the top choice for finding work and online options allow for job seeking to happen anywhere and at anytime.


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