The most important point to build a successful online shopping store is to determine your goals. The process of implementing a place to sell products or services starts from establishing the type of product (or service) you will sell as not all the products (or services) are likely to be sold online.

As in any business or enterprise one has advantages and disadvantages, and in electronic commerce is the same in this article mention the advantages and disadvantages that can be found in e-commerce.

It you want to ensure best results, never underestimate the power of an online business promotional campaign. if you do not know the company that sells is a risk of electronic commerce, as it may be in another country or in the same, but in many cases the “business” or “business-people” who offer their products or services online even are legally constituted in their country and it is not more than people who are “trying their luck on the Internet.”


Although much has advanced e-commerce, you need to find reliable data transmission 100%. Nobody wants to give their data of Credit Card offers. Anyway have to say it has improved a lot. Think ahead.

Looking, touching, and poking. Although this is not synonymous with shopping, it always helps to make a purchase. For it, make sure you create experiences!

Advantages of e-commerce

For Business:

  • Actual reduction to do market research cost.
  • Disappear geographical and time limits.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
  • 50% reduction in costs of implementation of electronic commerce compared with traditional commerce.
  • Make it easier to work with business clients.
  • Significant reduction of inventories.
  • Streamline business operations.
  • Providing new ways to find and serve customers.
  • Incorporate new strategies internationally relationships between customers and suppliers.
  • Shrink force personnel.
  • Less investment in advertising budgets.
  • Price reduction for the low cost of Internet use compared to other means of promotion, which implies greater competitiveness.
  • Proximity to customers and greater interactivity and personalization of the offer.
  • Development of electronic sales.
  • Globalization and access to potential markets million customers.
  • Implement tactics in selling products to create customer fidelity.


For customers:

  • Lowers costs and prices
  • Empowers consumer choice in a global market that suits your needs
  • A medium that empowers the consumer to choose a global market according to your needs.
  • Provides pre-sales information and can test the product before purchase.
  • Immediacy ordering.
  • Service pre and post-sales online.
  • Reduction in the distribution chain, allowing you to purchase a product at a better price.
  • Increased interactivity and customization in demand.
  • Immediate information on any product, and availability of access to information when required to do so.
  • Allows access to more information.


The tone, the language

Sometimes the web pages you visit are in another language different from ours; sometimes translate technological advances allow a page to our mother tongue. With which we could say that this is an “almost solved” factor. (It should be added that the translations obtained are not great or anything, but at least help us understand that we are talking about or that we intend to sell). Customize all.

Knowing who sells

Whether you know a person or company that is. Definitely know who is, as it is, etc. It is simply an unconscious way to have more confidence in that company or person that sells products.

With all this we can claim if necessary or ask for a “post-sales” service. When we know where to go. The customer expects to receive care “pre-sale” or “post-sale”.

Wrapping it up, what are the advantages you can get a small business if you add e-commerce? We summarize it again below for you to make a wise decision:

  • You can increase sales reaching potential customers (digital) new.
  • Internet has no borders, so that businesses entering it exponentially increase your visibility and the audience you can reach.
  • Internet does not have schedules. So there is no closing time of e-commerce,
  • Enjoy these benefits means not carry a great investment because infrastructure and staff required to meet the digital business is much less than that required by a physical space.


Finally, electronic commerce also improves business image, giving it an air of modernity. Such pages are sort of online mall where you can find all kinds of products, different brands and, in many cases, with benefits type of promotions and offers. Your goal is to make the online shopping experience a comfortable and economical.

Aggregator’s products also help to improve the user experience. It is the example of that through simple navigation that allows customers to find what are looking for, compare prices and take advantage of the offers available. This aggregator has products of all kinds, from fashion brands to products for the home, to electronic.


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