When it comes to an eCommerce model, it is relevant to plan logistics well. Leaning to courier companies or parcel to packaging, tracking and delivery of goods is a great idea. Preferably, look for a company with global coverage and effective services. Be ready to establish priorities and get going. Read on and find out how you can benefit from best eCommerce deal and get to plan logistics amazingly well.

 Set a clear plan

There are different ways to ensure secure payment of an electronic sale: the first is to receive deposits in an account prior to closing the sale checks and, although they do so and many virtual stores, it is not a useful method if you want sell abroad. In this case, sending a money order could be the alternative, but online consumers prefer more direct and rapid mechanisms.


Today, on the street, on television, in stores, we continually see advertising, promotions, offering people plenty of options. It is like we are oversaturated, make sure you don’t create the opposite effect and going unnoticed before our eyes. The aim is to draw our attention in order to enter the store and buy.

But really do we have time to stop, look and buy? Are we convinced that at that moment we buy it? Do we feel pressure when we are in a store? Do we want to do long lines? Do we really have time to find what we want at the price you are willing to pay? The answer is NO and the solution is “e-Commerce”.

Customers are becoming more demanding, seeking, compare, we want the best at the best price and we want to get easily and quickly. Because of this need in recent years, e-Commerce or e-commerce has evolved at a rapid pace in order to achieve customer confidence and therefore generate online sales. The objective is based on immediate response to the new current demand.

There are variety of types of e-commerce, but the most common are electronic commerce between companies or B2B (Business to Business); and electronic commerce between businesses and consumers, B2C (Busines to Consumer).

 Shopping from time to time we all like, but it is not what it once was, due to excessive supply and agglomeration of stores do not have all the resources for effective, safe and successful purchase. Lack of time is one of the main reasons for the current which most consumers opt for e-commerce so that the feedback is reciprocal, with many SMEs that are committed to online sales.

New technologies offer us opportunities to give added value to the traditional or offline sales opportunities that should be exploited in order to achieve sufficient success and to survive in a global market. Risks to implement an online store are minimal, while opening a physical business has a number of requirements and risks, especially economic, that are not so easy to take.

The e-Commerce offers many advantages and benefits for both the consumer and for the company and should be exploited.

Advantages for consumers:

  • Ease and comfort: The consumer can make a purchase at any time from wherever you are, at home, at work, on vacation, etc.
  • Accessibility: The customer can make the purchase action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without worrying about the schedule, parking, pressure selling and tails.
  • Information: The consumer has all the information regarding the product both in writing (price, features, availability, instructions, tips, etc.) and multimedia support (photographs of the product from all points of view, videos, experiences consumers, etc.)
  • Freedom in the purchase decision: The consumer seeks information, compare, choose and buy from the seller without pressure.
  • Knowledge of new products and services: The consumer can quickly discover a wide range of new products and services that had not met through traditional trade.
  • Privacy and Security: The consumer buys with utmost privacy and with maximum security, trust is essential in these two aspects of the process.


 Business benefits

It opens up short-term and long-term opportunities. Every company can create an online store with a minimum of time and money, and reach your target audience with ease and immediacy.

The company saves any cost all that is offline and can be replaced with online (websites, stores, furniture, stock, etc.). It allows improvement in the distribution of products. Each company’s storage and distribution Store saves distribution and intended exclusively for the final consumer.

Interaction and customer loyalty

Each company has more facilities to collect customer data, interests, purchasing habits and tastes, so use this information for the benefit of the customer.

Quickly to market needs Answer

Every company has the means to notify the customer of any information relevant to this. Not to mention, it allows being within globalization of markets trends. Wherever you are, have the opportunity to be present in any market anywhere in the world.


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