Why Does a Good Attitude at Work Matter?

It is common in the work world that the job you would really like to have, but the job you are offered are not the same. When this happens, a good attitude at work is more important than ever. It is usually easier to find a job you would prefer when you are working then when you are unemployed. However, many employers want to be able to talk to your past employers, or with someone you have worked. If your attitude at work has been poor, these conversations can have a negative impact on your references. In addition, there are other benefits to having a good attitude at work.

Attitude is Contagious
Have you ever noticed when you are in a good mood and someone comes along who is grumpy or complaining? If you have to spend any time with them, what was the impact to your mood? Usually, having someone around us who is clearly unhappy and is making it known either by physical presentation or grumbling will bring down our own unhappy mood. This contributes to the overall mood at the work. This alone can affect everyone’s job satisfaction. The reverse is also true. If the one coming in has a bright and cheerful demeanor or is just pleasant to work with, it can raise the mood of those around them.

Increased Opportunities
Supervisors and employers will notice the employee with a smile. Customers will report good service from those who appear to like what they are doing and are helpful. Even if you have to force yourself into the state of mind, it will still have a positive impact. This positive attitude could lead you to opportunities in more desirable positions. I have also seen employees be offered better positions by a pleased customer.

It Affects Productivity
An employee with a negative attitude is often unfocused due to a sense of depression or dissatisfaction. This can be especially harmful to promotions, pay increases or if on commission, your actual paycheck. This lack of focus means that less is done throughout the work day or what is done is completed with a low level of quality. It goes without saying that a good attitude will reverse this. If promotions and raises in the job you have are important to you, attitude is key.

Job Retention
In this time of Economic stress, many employers have been forced to cut back their work force. If they have to choose between two employees equal in all other ways, they will choose the one with the better attitude. It only makes sense if one is forced to choose between two people that the employer will choose the one more pleasant to be around. Do not count on seniority in this instance. Unless there is a contract with clauses around seniority, it will not save the employee with a poor attitude.

Appearance at Work
When you do not like where you work and do not care about what you do, it shows in your appearance. Your level of care in your clothing, self care, and posture is evident. An employee often does not know if their supervisor is watching them for advancement or new duties. You often will not know if that customer before you isn’t the door to the opportunity you would prefer for employment. Dress for the position you want and this will show in your attitude, posture and performance.

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude
If you do not like the job you have, it can be difficult to find a way to maintain a positive attitude. Focusing on what is good about your job rather then what you do not like is one tool that is helpful. Another is to be mindful and in the moment with the customer or project in front of you. When you keep your mind on what is right in front of you, it is easier to keep a positive focus even with a difficult customer. In addition, if tips are an option in your employment, customer focus leads to better tips which will also improve mood, confidence, and job satisfaction..

Maintaining employment is as much one’s attitude at work as it is their job performance. It is key to advancement and recommendations. For most of us, it is a factor in opportunities to increase the size of the paycheck. Every smile to a co-worker or a customer will eventually pay off. A better attitude will increase productivity. Regardless of your motivation, it is a key factor in today’s work world. There are plenty of other people looking for work willing to be friendly and happy to have a job. It is essential to be sure you are one of them.



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