Everyone wants to leave positive impression at the end of the interview. Verbal communications may have placed you in a good standing among other candidates. However many forget that undesirable non-verbal communication often result as a fatal mistake which cost you the opportunity. As a guide, below is a list of body language to avoid during an interview.

  • Weak Handshake
    Handshake should be firm but do not overly exert your strength onto the interviewer’s palm
  • Bad Sitting Posture
    Leaning back onto the chair appears lazy or arrogant; on the other hand leaning forward appears intimidating and aggressive. Always aim for a neutral position.
  • No personal space
    Never hug the interviewer. Do not stand too close to them
  • Poor eye contact
    Avoiding eye contact indicates discomfort. Maintain a comfortable level of eye contact during conversations
  • Fidgeting
    Do not rub your nose, play with your hair, bite your nails etc…. it is unhygienic and these indicates anxiety
  • Crossed Arms
    You are not facing an arch enemy so there is no need to be defensive and resistant. Attempt to gesture with hands as you are talking as you appear to be more enthusiastic
  • Not smiling
    Try giving a subtle smile, overly doing it may look too informal for the situation


These are just some and not all of the gestures that you should be avoiding during an interview. Do remember to practice your interview with a friend or family member and have them keep a look out for any errors.“Prevention is better than cure” and ace your interview!


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