Ten Worst Questions to Ask in an Interview

Going on a job interview is definitely worth rejoicing. A good showing on an interview can lead to acquiring a previously elusive position with a solid company. One good way to make a solid impression would be to ask questions as this will show your interest. The key here is to ask the right questions. Here are ten of the absolute worst job interview questions of all and they are sincerely best avoided:

What Can You Tell Me About Your Company?

Asking this question shows you have done no research. If you do not even know about who you are interviewing with, you will be making an awful impression.

How long will this interview take?

Do you have something better to do? This is what the job interviewer will likely be thinking and such thoughts do not bode well for your candidacy. Do not ask about how long the interview will last. Do not worry, they generally are fairly short anyway.

How Much am I Getting Paid?

Obviously, you do want to know what you are going to be paid, but there is a right way and a wrong way to ask the question. Let’s be a little more tactful here and ask ”What is the common salary range for this position?” The best time to ask such question is when the company is offering you the job and they will definitely leave door open for further negotiation.

How Long Until I Receive a Promotion?

Questions like this are silly and distracting. You have not even started the job yet. Querying about the career path associated with the job is fine, but asking about when they are going to promote you before you have even started the job is a little out there. Ask ”Where does this job take employees in their journey through the company?” is a better alternative.

Are There Any Restrictions with Sick Leave and Vacations and Taking Time Off?

Perks on a job are a good thing and getting time off when needed is a solid perk, but the interview session is really the wrong time to bring a question such as this up. It does not exactly place you in the best light.

What is it You Do Not Like about the Company?

Asking a question such as this to the interviewer can make him or her uncomfortable. For a start, it is not very ideal to raise negative questions of this nature since such questions are not helpful in the process of knowing the company better. A better question to ask would be ”What is it you like most about the company?”

Do You Have Another Job Available?

If you are selected to be interviewed for a job position, it means your existing experiences might have meet the job position’s requirements. At this point, do not worry about other job positions, asking questions of this nature display a lack of interest in the position.

How Good is the Benefits Package?

A question like this should be asked tactfully when offered a job and you have entered into the phase of negotiating for your salary. Do not ask this one at all during the initial interview.

What Problems Can I Help Solve in the Company?

This is a stock question that is sometimes recommended by job hunting gurus, but it is a strange question to ask and is often not germane to the interview unless the job interview centers on helping a distressed company in some way. For most jobs, this question would be out of place. Asking ”How can I contribute to the company’s mission?” might be a better choice.

Where is the Last Person Who Worked Here and What Happened to Him?

Really, is this any concern of someone wishing to land a job? Questions of this nature can steer an interview off course and present you as a nosy cynic. Such traits are not going to be endearing to the person looking to make a hiring decision. Questions such as ”Is this a newly created job position?” are open-ended enough that a little or a lot of detail can be offered by the interviewer. Give the person leeway and do not back him/her into a box.


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