What you wear to work can not only affect how people see you but it can also affect how you look and feel throughout the day. Color is very important when choosing an outfit to wear to work. Knowing what colors to wear to work can help help boost your energy, change your attitude and help your overall success according to research.

The Best Colors To Wear To Work:

Black is typically the most popular formal color to wear to work. It is known to be an impressive color that signify a powerful workforce as it carries an aura of power, authority and command.  It is basic yet elegant and everyone looks good in black. Many companies require employees to wear all black to create a consistent image and achieve positive impression.

Another one of the best colors to wear to work is navy blue. Research has showed that the color blue has a calming effect. A blue button down shirt, a blue blouse or even a navy blue pair of heels can help relax the body and mind. Blue is especially good for those who are working in high stress positions to help ease any tension. Overall, blue make you come across as someone who is trustworthy, calm, and authoritative.

Although orange can be a very bright color it is one of the best colors to wear to work. Orange represents enthusiasm and is believed to help stimulate the brain and the body. It is a great color to wear to work on a gloomy day to help brighten the day.

Green is another one of the best colors to wear to work because research shows that it helps to reduce anxiety and add a sense of peace. Green conveys strength, authority and denotes cooperation and accord. The color green is also easy on the eyes, so it’s a great choice if you sit at a computer for hours on end.

The Worst Colors To Wear To Work:

Grey is known to be the worst color to wear to work. Research has showed that grey causes a lack of energy as well as a desire to be passive. If it is worn to work it should play a minimal part in an outfit such as a belt or the shoes and should be paired with a positive color such as orange.

Although yellow is typically associated with positive things it can often be too much in a work setting as it over stimulate others. Yellow is often to friendly and can take away some of the power of the employee. If one chooses to wear yellow to work it should be paired with a darker color to shift the power balance. Good to wear in moderation.

Red shows confidence, creativity and individuality, use it, but don’t overdo it. Red is one of the worst colors to wear to work as it can be a sign of aggression and can be a bit overwhelming for a work outfit. Some people interpret red as hostile as it increases metabolism and raises high blood pressure. To others, it may convey the impression that you do not work well in a group.

Another one of the worst colors to wear to work is white. White is considered a sign of cleanliness but it can often come across as being very gentle and displays shyness and lack of interest which is not good for workplace relations. Wearing white in the work force can cause one to be more cautious and close minded. Use it sparingly or in small areas such as shoes or ties. Use it sparingly or in small areas such as shoes or ties.

Neutral Colors To Wear To Work:

Khaki can be a good choice to wear to work because it goes with everything and looks professional. Khaki can be see as a sign of stability.

Purple is typically a sign of royalty but it can give a slightly over powering feeling in the work force.

Pink is often associated with babies so it may be hard to be taken serious in a work setting if wearing to much pink or an overwhelming shade of pink. However pink can also be a sign of peace and happiness.

Another color that can work when done in small amounts is brown. Brown tends to be a very masculine color although it is not as dark as black. It is not a color of joy or happiness so it can tend to be a little drab. Wearing brown shoes or a brown scarf is a good way to add brown to an outfit without looking to plain.

Remember, research shows that colors can greatly affect our moods and the way other people respond to us. The colors you wear to the workplace may determine what people think about you.


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