What exactly is job loyalty? Job loyalty today is not what it was two or three decades ago. Many employees were more than happy back then to please their employer. They went above and beyond to make sure that their jobs were done perfectly. Many things have changed since then and employees are more demanding than ever. One of the reasons for this is due to over qualified employees. Most employees have a college education and expect their job to pay well. This is a very realistic demand considering the years that were served in college to learn in a particular subject area and the urge to clear loan debts or to seek for salary increment.

When the recession hit there were many jobs lost due to downsizing. As the organization downsized to save money they also lost qualified employees who are familiar with their job scopes. In many cases the positions opened back up and then a new employee has to be hired and retrained. Neither does it save money for the company nor does it save time that could have been wisely spent in other areas. On the other hand, company with poorly managed organizational change or organizational restructure can cause friction in the workplace and forcing inadaptable employee to leave the organization’s internal environment and break the loyalty bond.

Hence, the importance of job loyalty should never be underestimated. Happy employee finds themselves with a strong sense of loyalty, strong commitment and provides positive contribution to the organization based on the following traits:

When employees are treated fairly and given the opportunity to grow in a company they will go the distance and give everything they have to be the best at their job. If an employee seems to be over qualified they will still go above and beyond to please their employer if they are being treated fairly. In many cases wage is not even an issue. The attitude and environment in the company will change the way an employee views their job. When an employee is happy with their job they will be sure to work harder and improve in any areas that need improving.

The best way for an employer to see improvements in a job is to give their employees a specific system to be graded from and give feedback. When an employee receives feedback it lets them know where they need to focus and work harder. Sometimes praise is enough to satisfy the employee when they have done a good job. It is not a good idea to make promises of a raise if there will not be one. By giving the employee false hope the employer will just drive a nail into the wound even more, leaving an unhappy employee. Unhappy employees are less likely able to make any company or business a profit. In the long run it will hurt the reputation of the company or business and potential employees will go the opposite direction. Companies depend on their employees and the employees are the ones who can make or break their reputation.

Many employers strive to make sure their employees are happy in the work place if they are producing a profit. By giving positive feedback to the employee on how they are doing their job shows the employee that they are being noticed. Many employees feel like they are lost in a group of hundreds of unknown others when they work for a huge company or business. Even the largest company or business should be able to evaluate its employees on how they are doing their job or jobs. Evaluations are crucial in letting the employee know where they need to improve or where they have excelled in their job. By giving the feedback an employee deserves will make their job easier to do. This will ensure their loyalty to the company and make it more profitable for their employer.

Loyalty always goes both ways and organization will be  rewarded with strong employee loyalty in return.


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