Who doesn’t get butterflies in their stomach on the first day of their new job? Well, most of us do. Will my co-employees be friendly? Will my boss be encouraging? Will my new workplace be an ideal place to work in? Will I be able to meet the expectations of my boss and my company? Apprehensions galore!

While most of us feel this way initially, trepidations and anxieties die down with the passage of time. Rest assured about feeling at ease soon; especially if you follow these effective tips for new employees.

Read on to know what basic steps you as a new employee must consider taking, to get rid of that sinking feeling. After all, you have to go to work everyday- the sooner you start feeling comfortable, the better it is for you and those around you too.

1.         Be Dependable

Follow processes sincerely and learn the ropes of your new role as fast as possible. Work with complete dedication and be someone whom your boss and colleagues can trust and count on. Such an attitude ensures that you are considered part of the team, which is a great feeling, when you are a new employee.

2.         Exceed Expectations

For a new employee it’s extremely important to steer clear of the “it’s not my job” notion. Consider every little job-related task your duty and ensure that your work turns out to be more perfect than expected. This increases your boss’ confidence in you and you are likely to be assigned important tasks/projects sooner rather than later.

3.         Don’t Slip Up on Communication

Candid communication with your supervisor or manager is an important key to success. Clarify any doubt and never hesitate to seek help. Inform your boss of your progress and seek performance feedback on a regular basis.

4.         Be a Team Player

Master the tactics of team play. As a first step, approach the team proactively without waiting to be included. Learn to be receptive to other team members’ inputs without being aggressive about your opinion.

5.         Be Assertive and Display Confidence

Be confident in communicating your inputs to the team and your boss. Unless you are lucid and assertive, the team will fail to recognize your abilities or gauge your potential. However, there’s a thin line between assertiveness and aggression, which should never be crossed.

6. Look Beyond the Pay Check

Seek more than salary from your new job. Consider it as a prudent investment for a sound career and a secure future. If you look at it with a comprehensive vision, your new job will become easier for you and more rewarding as well.

7.         Accept Criticism with Grace

Always remember that if your supervisor criticizes you, it’s towards something you did and is not directed at you personally. Never react instantly. Criticism always brings with it valuable ideas about people’s expectations from you and how you can combat your weaknesses. Take it positively for a changed, better new employee in you.

8. Professionalism

Your superiors keep an eye on your attitude towards your new job, whether you realize it or not. It is a direct measure of your seriousness and dedication towards your new job.

Concentrate on accomplishing your tasks on time and helping co-workers wherever you can. Focus on improving your productivity rather than wasting time in petty talks about matters that do not concern you.

9. Be Punctual

Always arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your stipulated job time. Never leave your boss or your client waiting for you to arrive. Punctuality, though, is an important aspect of professionalism whether it’s your new job or you are a seasoned employee.

10. Be Productive..Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t let your work drag to its deadline before you start working on it. Haste does make waste and that applies to your new tasks as well. Anything done at the last moment in a frenzied hurry will make your boss notice your inadequacies. Instead, build a reputation of being proactive and more productive than most others.

At the end of the working day, quickly review what you have achieved. Plan the next day and organize your desk for tomorrow. Clean your desk and place things in their proper place for an efficient beginning to another productive day at your new job!



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