Quitting your job can never be an easy decision. Career changes are probably one of the toughest moves and the stress of leaving a job is absolutely uncomfortable, especially for an unknown and uncertain opportunity. But what can be done when your present employer is trying to muddle the waters with a counter offer, which tells you to stay.

A counter offer is more of an inducement from the current employer to stop you from quitting, or compel you to stay, after you have already announced your resignation, or the fact that you are joining elsewhere. In the recent times, counter offers have become a practical norm.

If you, too, have been considering a counter offer, stay focused on your main objective. What is the reason for job hunting – what was it that made you think of a job change? Happy employees, happy with job and pay, seldom pave the roads with their resumes. So, usually counter offer simply promises more salary but no real remedies for the real reasons that made an employee think otherwise.

Countering the Counter Offers

To counter the counter offers, it is very important to find out the real reason that is driving a candidate to approach you or talk to you. When you are conducting the interview proves, you should remind the candidate about the process. If the reason is just monetary, it is likely they will grab the counter offer.

It is very important for the management to talk and communicate with their prospective candidates, not just during the hiring process, but throughout the year. Despite not having vacancies, you should always make it a point to retain the most valued talents of your company.

An ideal candidate for your company may be already present in the group. It is only a matter of time for you to identify who it is and what they want. Knowing your candidates well is the best way to prevent them from accepting your counter offers.

For good candidates, increased salary is never really the driving factor. So, you have to find out what are the motivating factors that head-hunt applicants consider for their move. A change in direction, growth, development or wider leadership remit, maybe even a promotion can be some of the vital clauses.

The best way to avoid a counter offer is to talk to the candidate directly about it on a personal level. Why and how it happens, should be clearly stated. However this tip should be used at last so that it is possible to prevent any kind of flattery hitting them and making them take great pride in their work.

Paperwork and documentation turnaround time should be given priority. Send out the offer letter on the same day as your verbal offer so that there is very little time left between the offer/acceptance and the paperwork. You need to secure your counters efficiently.

You have to be tricky in your approach so that you can get the new employee you are looking for. To ensure that he doesn’t accept the counter offer, make sure you enquire about the candidate’s company in details and learn about what it normally does when employees resign. This will help you to avoid any temptation that the prospect candidate could be having in his mind.

Post resignation, everyone wants to hear a supportive voice. So, you should strike your call at that very moment to ensure that it hits on the right spot.

After the offer, always keep the strings of communication attached. Regular calls and emails is the best way to keep things in control.


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