Most of us have been suffering with meeting deadlines since schooldays. Lack of time management and proactive lifestyle has made us push our deadlines to the last minute, completely fill our lives with overflowing tasks and eventually blaming it all on deadlines.

There has been one time or another that we all have experienced trouble when it comes to meeting our deadlines and goals, be it at work, or in personal life. Failure to meet your deadlines and goals in at work is more of a cardinal sin that can get you fired from your job easily. In such a scenario, how a skilled procrastinator manages his/her time by efficiently executing the project within the given deadline is quite a puzzle.

The following steps will help you meet your deal with meeting your deadlines and goals easily at work in order to secure your job:

Break down your tasks into smaller pieces
Most of us always tend to forget that one large task is also tougher to accomplish, unlike several smaller tasks put together. Let us take an example out here to explain this point. You are given a new project task with a completion deadline of three weeks. Your first step out here is to start executing the project work from the first day onwards and not postpone the task to the next few days. Your second step out here will be to break down your task into four-six evenly spaced tasks. Do not target your project submission date as your completion date. Always have a buffer of two-three days before the project submission date. These last two-three days are good for reviewing your project work before the final submission date.

Constantly reward yourself
Most of us while breaking down and executing the project work in four-six evenly spaced tasks tend to forget that meeting the deadline at every smaller segment is equally important, when compared to the final project submission deadline. This helps in avoiding any last minute panics. A simple way to motivate oneself to execute every small task as per the decided time frame would be by rewarding yourself. You can simply take a night off, or get together with your pals and have a night out, etc. However, you must remember to abstain from any temptations that may deviate your attention from your project submission deadline.

Always stay well planned
Meeting your project deadline on time is similar to a game of chess. A good chess player always plans his/her five-ten moves much ahead. Concentrating on the current move is extremely bad for the game, as you are not planning on what new move your opponent will bring in and if you are prepared for it or not is another question out here. Always stay focused on your project work on a day-to-day basis in order to handle any issue right away, rather than drag it to the last few weeks.

Always stay organized
Staying organized is one such thing that can get you to meet your deadlines miraculously on time. Make technology your friend. In this world of technology, you can use various sorts of methods to organize your schedule and track your progress. A few such methods include setting constant reminders on your smartphone, outlook mail server, tablet, or even cloud computing. Today cloud-based documents and calendars are quite popular as they not only save the space on your laptop. Cloud computing helps in sharing and editing your documents whenever you want among your collaborators. Organization of files and documents on hard paper is usually neglected by many and others find it tedious. In such a scenario, adapt to technology and stay organized and well informed all the time.

Always be ready to meet short-notice deadlines
Being ready to meet short-notice deadlines is not only important but at times quite upsetting as well. If you try and follow all the above-mentioned points in an organized manner, such short-notices from your manager should not bother you. In fact, you must be able to handle the situation in a smoother manner with utmost ease.

The simple secret to live life free of stress, anxiety, and unwanted laborious tasks, just make a conscious effort to follow the above tips. By breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones, constantly planning, staying organized, staying focused and rewarding yourself for the completed tasks, you will not only meet your deadlines and goals but also perform better and be more competitive.


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