If you happen to speak to a human resource professional, you are bound to hear incidents where the interviewee has made the worst first impression during the beginning of an interview and how the interview was a failure for him/her. The following are a few suggestions in order to ensure that you hit the ground running and the interviewer is not disappointed, but quite excited by the first impression of you:

1) Make a direct eye contact: It is incredibly important and obvious that you must make an eye contact with your interviewer as soon as you meet him/her. It is commonly seen that most candidates shy away from making an eye contact immediately due to nervousness, which is one of the worst first impressions because not only it is rude towards the interviewer, but it also creates an impression of lack of confidence portrayed by the interviewee.

2) A clean, polished shoe is a must: After you have made a direct eye contact with the interviewer, the next thing that he/she would be noticing will be your footwear. Thus, is it very important that you wear clean, polished, and formal shoes for your interview. If you are interviewing with a brand or fashion related business organization, ensure that your “on trend” brand shoes are suitable for the design-led business you are interviewing with.

3) Wear appropriate clothing: Wearing the right attire for the fact-to-face interview always promotes in creating a good first impression. Always ensure that you keep the company you are interviewing with in mind before choosing the attire you wish to wear for the interview. Do not wear old-fashioned clothes, as this indicates lack of attention to detail and always wear minimum accessories that compliment and go well with your formal attire.

4) Firm handshake: A firm handshake is definitely one of the best ways to create a good first impression. Especially, in countries like the United Kingdom, a weak handshake is a bad impression builder. Ensure that your handshake is not too firm, but just right. You can practice a firm handshake with your friends and family members before the interview in order to perfect the art of a firm handshake.

5) Greet the interviewer by his/her first name: It is psychologically seen that greeting the interviewer by his/her first name immediately influences the person towards you and creates a positive first impression.

6) Be polite and ask the interviewer how he/she is doing: After you greet the interviewer by his/her first name, immediately ask them politely “how he/she is doing?”, as this not only creates a good first impression but also demonstrates a feature increasingly required after in modern leaders called “emotional intelligence”.

7) Acknowledge the hospitality shown by the interviewer: The next question that arises after you have exchanged greetings with the interview is “if you would like anything/a drink”. Do not simply refuse the offer made by the interviewer as it is considered impolite when not acknowledged for the hospitality shown. However, you may just answer by saying, “a glass of water should be good, thank you” or just say, “yes please”.

8) Smile and be social: As it is well know that a smile takes you miles, a simple smile towards your interview can indicate that you are not only comfortable and confident, but also quite social.

9) Turn off your cell phone before entering into the interview hall: Turning off your cell phone before entering into the interview room helps you avoid the temptation of reading messages or mails and in turn helps you stay relaxed before the interview. As an alternative, carrying a good magazine or newspapers is one of the best ways to create your first impression in the first 10 seconds of the job interview.

10) Be social with other interviewees: Interacting with other interviewees creates the impression that you are not only sociable but also confident about yourself and this is one of the best ways to create a good first impression.

It is common to be a little nervous when attending your face-to-face job interview. The first 10 seconds of the interview are the most crucial seconds, as you need to create a good impression on your interviewer. You can make the first 10 seconds of the job interview a plain sailing one based on the first impression that you create on your interviewer.


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