Employee empowerment is beneficial for supervisors and helps them in promoting both reliability and teamwork amongst employees. The following steps will help you in understanding the top tips that help in empowering your employees to be good leaders at workplace or amongst their teammates:

a) Follow and implement the qualities of a good leader who encourages the empowerment of employees at workplace.
• Respect your team mates and most important of all respect yourself
• Always be accountable for what you say or do at work and encourage “taking ownership” amongst your employees
• Keep an open ear to your employees concerns, suggestions, and opinions
• Be sincere when dealing with employees
• Always appreciate the team for their work and avoid taking credit for team work
• Communication plays a key role when it comes to employees, thus an effective and continuous communication pattern is a must
• Encourage team participation and positive and winning attitude amongst your employees
• Ask your employees “what makes them effective leaders?” when compared to others, make a list of the traits and encourage them to develop on the same

b) Assign tasks concisely and clearly. Ensure that there are no gray areas when it comes to delegation of tasks to particular employees. This helps employees in understanding their roles and responsibilities in a clear manner and encourages them to be accountable for their actions. Apart from this, it also helps in promoting the feeling amongst employees of being trusted with the task and the responsibility assigned to them.

c) Recognize the achievements of your employees and acknowledge the same. Acknowledge the achievement of your team or employees in board meetings, office get-togethers and verbally congratulate your employees in front of board members and other team members. Doing so not only encourages your employees, but it also empowers them and builds in a successful environment at workplace.

d) Follow an open door policy with your employees. Keeping your doors open to your employees when it comes to their opinions and suggestions lets them know that you are there for them. A motivated employee is always an empowered one. This is one of the best ways to empower your employees to be good leaders.

e) Encourage employee education and be good at coaching them. Show your employees that they mean a lot to your company and you would love to invest in them, in any training that shall enhance their skills. This helps in empowering your employees and also allows you to earn their trust and brand loyalty.

f) Promote employee autonomy. As you learn more and more about your employees, you are bound to be certain about the dedication, accountability, and skills that your employees exhibit. Give them more independence in the way they prefer to accomplish to achieve their goals and objectives.

g) Conduct a regular feedback session. One of the top ways of empowering your employees is by asking them directly “how you could help them in their empowerment, what kind of assistance they require from your end?” You may even put out a “suggestion box” and ask the human resource team to organize a one-on-one meeting every monthly/quarterly based on the requirement.

h) Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your employees. Keep up all your promises/commitments that you made to the employees during/before the start of the project. Acknowledge their commitments and implement the same for the success of your company. Be a brilliant coach and show your employees what it takes to be a great leader.

At times, in order to empower your employees, you might have to take the lead, do not hesitate when such a circumstance arises. Standing by your employees side all the time not only makes them feel motivated all the time but it also creates a group of empowered employees who are willing to give their best for their team and for the overall growth of the company.


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