A resume is like a window to a candidate’s soul. As a human resource manager, you should make sure to get a bird’s eye view of the candidate you are choosing before you actually make a shortlist. However, screening tons of resumes will definitely give you a hard time to sort out those who are qualified from those who are not. Here are some tips to quickly sort things out and find the best candidates for your company.

Sort Resumes Into Those With Cover Letters And Those Without

Doing so will reduce your pile of resumes into half. By focusing on the resumes with customized cover letters, you can isolate the candidates that have put time and effort in submitting their resume. By skimming through a candidate’s cover letter, you can get a feel of his/her level of commitment and sincerity.

Also, be sure to check for grammatical or spelling errors in the cover letter. By doing so, you can make sure that the candidate has put some time to check whether the details are perfectly in order. This also indicates his skill level in English writing.

By looking at the general appearance of the resume, you can tell the characteristics of the candidate.

Look At Educational Attainment And Awards

Although this is essential, this will only tell you whether the candidate has basic knowledge on English communication and writing skills, simple arithmetic and the like. The awards or recognition attained can be an indicator of a candidate’s intellectual prowess.

Look At Extra-curricular Activities

A person is not solely defined by his or her educational attainment. You need to take into consideration his/her activities outside the classroom to get to know the candidate better.

Often, people who were in their varsity team or in other different organizations have a good grasp of organisational culture. They can work well in a team because they have been exposed to various environments and have dealt with different people.
For example, if the candidate has been part of the tennis varsity team in college and he has been able to maintain good standing in class, you will be able to tell that this person can manage his time perfectly. People who have been part of their varsity team in college usually have higher emotional stability because of their training.

Look At Past Employments And Positions

The number of years and positions held in previous companies can be a good indicator of his experience and knowledge in a particular industry or field. However, if the candidate had lots of previous employments, all of which were short-lived, you might want to consider setting their resume aside. Many short employments could indicate that the person has difficulty adapting in various environments or he has trouble dealing with his co-workers. You should always look for a candidate who has the potential to stay longer in your company and a candidate who can work well with his co-workers.

Look At Future Plans

Definitely, this will tell you where the person is planning to go to or his vision for the next few years. If you are looking for a candidate with a highly technical job and the candidate is planning to take up his masters in 6 months, you wouldn’t want to spend your company’s resources to train him. Look for someone who has the potential to stay longer in your company.

Look At His/Her Description Of Himself/Herself (interests)
You will find out how a person sees himself in this part of the resume. From here, you will be able to gauge the candidate’s level of self-esteem. You would not want a person who is insecure of himself. Neither do you want a person who is over confident.

This part also tells you briefly the candidate’s interests and hobbies. If you are looking for someone who can give you fresh marketing ideas or creative schemes, you might want to consider their interests and hobbies.

All of these guidelines are some of the tips to weed out the unqualified candidates so that you can avoid wasting your time interviewing them. Once you have sorted the best candidates, it is advisable to give favor on the results of the interview in choosing the next employee of your company.


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