How to dress for a job interview? The way in which you dress for the interview can be crucial to get the job. Remember that the first impression with the interviewer will highly depend on your dressing code. Read on and find out how to enhance your appearance. Focus on details and get going. Within the most important key points, it is worth mentioning a few:

  • Clothing should be discreet. Try to avoid flashy clothes.
  • Men should not show up with stubble and disheveled
  • Women need to refrain from wearing excessive makeup
  • You should dress according to the position you are aiming for, this will help you define what type of clothing you should bring, serious or formal creative or trendy, just remember that you need to remain neat and impeccable in the way you dress
  • Neatness footwear is essential. It is not enough to focus on the clothes you wear; these must be also well ironed and never disjointed.
  • In the case of men, they should stick to dark suits in blue or gray, or black.
  • The shirt in men should be always white, while ties must be serious and dark colors.
  • The women should wear suits, either with trousers or skirt, but also in dark colors.
  • Women should not wear platform shoes or boots.
  • Do not use very flashy accessories.
  • Find items suited to the company profile.

How not to dress for a job interview?

As stated, when applying for a job interview, it is important to avoid certain items that may affect the timing of being qualified for the job you want. Avoid tight clothing and do not go out with necklines and miniskirts made in fluorescent colors. As stated, avoid all designs that can call too much attention, as the plunging necklines, too transparent fabrics and garments that are too short.

Additional hints for men and women

Avoid biting your nails because the recruiter may notice. Nor let your nails grow too much, nor excessive cuts. Do not use a nail longer than the others do. If you smoke, remove yellow stains from your fingers produced by nicotine. Avoid smoking before the interview. In addition, perfumes or lotions should smell good, not hurt the recruiter. Do not hesitate to find additional assistance. There are many guidelines and video tutorials.

Women should not use bright colors, not even for nail polish. The varnish must be complete and not damaged. It is against the current feminine aesthetic trend. Choose the haircut depending on your physical type. You should not use outrageous hair colors, either.

Men should trim their mustache, beard, or sideburns and look tidy when going for an interview. Avoid using extravagant hairstyles. Stay away from socks that do not fit perfectly well. Avoid wearing bracelets and rings. Recruiters, especially women notice it a lot. Avoid using too large or bulky watches. If you are using cufflinks, they must be simple enough to pass unnoticed. Invest smartly and try to achieve the perfect look. Before you know it, you will be landing that perfect job.

To conclude, the first impression is what counts, dress for each executive interview as a whole. A job interview is a formal event. The image speaks a lot, thus, it is necessary to remain patient until you find the right clothing for the occasion. Take care of your personal appearance. Keep in mind that the image of the company matter and, if possible, find suitable clothing. In any case, what you wear should highlight the fact that you are a professional, reliable, and confident person, ready to start a new job.



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