While nerves are incredibly common for a job interview, preparing yourself can definitely help to quell some fears. One of the best ways to prepare for an interview is to understand what the interviewer wants during an interview. Remember to breathe and keep these in mind.

You are there for an interview. Showing up a little early and dressing professionally are both very important, but how you speak to your interviewer can help set a great first impression. How you communicate will be used to determine several things about you. Will you fit with the company? Are you polite? Are you intelligent? Being able to form articulate answers to questions without using slang and responding politely are all indicators of your ability to work in a professional environment.

Give Examples
Making yourself sound good with loads of positive adjectives is easy, but having examples to back up these empty adjectives is just what you need to make them believable. Saying you are hardworking and self-motivated is easy; give an example of when you took the initiative to go above and beyond your superior’s expectations.

Anyone can work in an easy environment where fellow employees are kind, no conflict arises, and your superior praises you every time he sees you. This environment is not what you are likely to find at a new job. There will be conflicts and challenges that you need to overcome. Tell your interviewer about times you overcame challenges and conflict. These examples can prove you do not get caught up in conflict and stress; you are able to overcome to succeed.

Your Interest
Employers like to know if you are interested in the company you are applying to work for or if you just landed the interview and decided to go for it on a whim. Employers do not want to hire someone that has not done their thorough research on the company they are interviewing to work for. If you really enjoy what the company does and stands for, let the interviewer know that; it can only do you good. Having done your research also lets the interviewer know that if he hires you, you know what you are getting yourself into.

Finally, Questions
Ask questions at the end of your interview. Come with a list of questions you want answered to the interview. Having curiosity about the company can prove you truly are interested in possibly working for them. Do not ask questions that you could have found the answers to because this demonstrates you have not done your full research. Do not ask about benefits of the position. Instead ask the interviewer about their personal experience with the company. Ask specific questions about the position you are applying for.

If you walk in knowing how to answer questions and just have an intelligent conversation about your potential relationship with the company, you should do great!


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