Most of us want to be accepted and admired whether in our social circle or at our workplace. Don’t we all turn a little green when we see that colleague who everyone turns to in need or otherwise? We all want to be like him/her, don’t we?


Why It’s Cool to be Popular in Office


Everyone likes to interact with a pleasant person. Compare two people with equal caliber; one who acts high-and-mighty and is nasty with everyone, and the other one, down to earth with a pleasing countenance. Who do you think has higher chances of bagging the next project in the pipeline? Indubitably the latter! This is the precise reason why it is cool to be popular in office.


How to Become Popular at the Workplace?


Being popular in the office is about being the know-it-all employee, who works with utmost dedication, is willing to help co-employees, is carefree and has a decent sense of humor.  Being physically fit and having high energy levels are added advantages too.


Is it really difficult to be a person with all the above-mentioned qualities? Not really. Follow these tips to become the most popular person in your team.


  1. 1.    Dress Well

First impression may not be the last impression, but it definitely matters a great deal. You must dress such that the moment you walk into your office, people notice you. How can you become popular if you make as much impression as the potted plant in the hallway? You don’t need to spend a fortune on designer clothes, but do invest in a smart, professional wardrobe. Look your part and accomplish the first step to being popular at your workplace.


  1. 2.    Stay Fit


A fit individual comes across as a person who is disciplined and dedicated. Besides, everyone likes to be in the company of good-looking people. So respect your body. It will not only make you popular, but you will feel good about yourself.


  1. 3.    Don’t Pretend to be Someone You are Not


People can readily distinguish between ‘original’ and ‘fake’. So be genuine; the way you are. If you want to change your attitude and personality, don’t pretend to do it, do it sincerely through your actions.


If you try to be someone you are not, people will start looking at you as an attention-seeking hypocrite and stay away from you. The only thing that can make you special is being yourself.


  1. 4.    Be Confident


Always take time to think before you speak. This will help you put across your thoughts with more confidence and clarity. Ensure that your voice heard every time you want to express something. Take the opportunity to lead by being the first one to do something that others are hesitant about. This is a sure-shot way to being popular and getting people to look up to you.


  1. 5.    Smile


A smile never hurts anyone. It is a sign of a cool person who can handle stress with ease. Smile when someone asks you for help; it shows that you are willing to help them. Your smile shows that you are a happy person and everyone wants to be with one.


  1. 6.    Be Nice


People don’t like people who aren’t nice to them. Friends or no friends, be polite and courteous to everyone at your workplace. Treat all equally and be kind, even with the cleaning and maintenance staff. When more people admire you, your popularity soars.


  1. 7.    Ignore People Who Seem to Hate Your Popularity


When your popularity soars, some co-employees might begin disliking you. They would probably ignore you or try to make things difficult for you. Simply ignore them and continue your strategy. After a while, they will run out of steam


  1. 8.    Be Diligent


Now that you are popular, it does not mean that you can take your work lightly. Respect your work and remember that your popularity is because of your work, and not otherwise. Be extremely attentive, participative and meticulous at your tasks.


These 8 steps form a perfect guide on how to be popular in the office. Remember that cool people don’t put others down in order to feel better. Popularity gained by doing this is eventually lost as people will no longer respect you.


Keep these tips in mind and start work on ‘Mission Popularity’ right away!



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