There’s no single more powerful lesson than failure. Think about it, in the absence of failure how do you improve? How do you know if your idea really works? Failure teaches us how to grow, learn and make better decisions. Despite its negative connotation, failure is a healthy part of the professional growth process. Consider the following reasons why failure can bring out the best in you.

Positive perspective.

More than anything failure it is a matter of perspective. If you shift your perspective away from the negative and embrace more positive associations of failure then you will be better positioned for achievement. After all, we are only defeated if we consider ourselves to be. So redefine your perspective of failure and be prepared to win.

Failure fosters change.

It is important to acknowledge your mistakes, learn and adapt. Look at the failure analytically and use it to re-evaluate the situation. Through failing you have gained knowledge. Consider how you will apply this new found insight going forward.

Failure creates leaders.

Great leaders exhibit confidence which separates them from the average leader. The ability to fail, yet persevere, takes courage and builds confidence. Being able to effectively accept failure and move forward is a recipe for leadership success.

Motivation after failure.

Finding motivation after failure doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply thinking of the reward can be a source of motivation. You can also view failure as a challenge. When you accept a challenge you see it as something that must be conquered. In doing so, it’s easy to find the motivation to keep going.

Finding opportunity from failure.

Mistakes often bring unforeseen opportunities that wouldn’t have been available had the mistake not occurred. Accepting and overcoming failure provides the opportunity to start over and potentially discover something new the next time around.

Failure is good for success.

The more you fail, the better your chances of success. After all, failure is a prerequisite for becoming an expert. Failure within itself can be a mark of success found simply in the pursuit of attaining your goal.

Failing builds character.

Once you’ve recovered from a failure, you’re better prepared to try again. This time, more secure in knowing that you’ve survived. The experiences leading up to failure better equip you to reach your goal. It is this ability to fall and rise again that builds character.

Failure keeps you humble.

Success without failure has the potential to create arrogance. However, when there is failure, it causes many to approach their goals with a point of humility. In doing so, there is more appreciation for hard work.

Failing is an adventure.

Some may refuse to acknowledge it at first, but failing can open up a world of adventures. Sure, failing may cause you to question your abilities but when you fail, it means you’ve actively participated in a quest for success. At a minimum, you feel alive with the courage to try again.

A key instrument for innovation.

Failure can be used to discover new insights and stimulate innovation. It’s through incremental mistakes that new ideas and approaches are born. So keep your nose to the grind and let the creativity flow.


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